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me caring not appreciated?

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should i even care?


maybe some of you read the advice request i posted yesterday, if not, here it is.

link removed


anyway, if you read that, you can see how much i care for her...


there was nothing i could do at the time, since she was asleep already, and i live a fair bit away.

so i talked to avman by pming him, and he adviced me to get someone to check on her.


i sent her mom a message, telling her, that having your appendix infected is more serious than people think, and i told her to go see a doctor maybe..

she wrote back, seemed a bit pissed off, telling me, that her sister had her appendix infected, and it was nothing like the situation now, she could hardly breathe and what not....

so i didn't want to argue. She told me, thanks for caring... and all that stuff. i felt pathetic...


i skipped most of school today, but went at some point... i wasn't sure whether the girl (the one i'm talking about here, the one i care for, the one with the appendix thing) would be pissed off, or thankful for me caring.

well... i came to school, she walked past me, didn't even look at me, didn't even say hello.... i thought, "maybe she didn't see me"

a few minutes later, she came to the classroom i just had class in to get something, and again, just walked past me without saying a word or something... that's when i thought "should i even care?"....


i don't know if it really is/was her appendix that bothered/bothers her... but at one point, i saw her coming out of the girls bathroom crying.... dunno why.... oh well...

at the end of the day, we havn't spoken to one another at all.... and i don't see why i should speak to her, and i won't, unless she starts a conversation.


i just hope she's fine.


but i'm quite pissed off because of their extreme appreciation...


dunno... just had to get that off my mind.


thanks for reading.



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Hey my friend,


I'm sorry she didn't appreciate your efforts but from the symptoms you described I (and several other members) truly believed it could be an appendix attack. You just can't mess around with that, you can literally die. I had mine removed in the emergency room when I was 26 and they told me afterwards that in another hour I would have been in serious trouble.


I think you did the right thing and showed that you really cared. You might want to say something to her just saying you were worried and tell her what all of us told you and it freaked you out. Blame us for everything, thats cool. She doesn't know any of us and we make good scapegoats


Hopefully she will come around but if not, then you are better off without her.

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thanks for your reply...


thing is, she will come around once i talk to her about it, or after some time.... and she knows that things would be different without me as a close friend (don't wanna sound cocky or cheesy or whatever...).


one thing that disturbs me though is, that i'm still not 100% sure whether her appendix is infected or not..... becasue everything matches... the position.. symptons etc.

well.... i guess her mom will only go to hospital if it starts to hurt real bad...


i might give her best girl friend a call, and ask her if she still has pain in her lower right side, since she was with her for most of the day. if she does, i'll tell her to make her go see a doc.


confusing? lol


anyway. thanks for your help.

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An appendix attack is acute, meaning it will not go on for awhile, get better, then get worse. When you have appendicitis it just keeps getting worse until your appendix bursts. And that takes about 24 hours from the time the attack starts. They still don't completely know why it happens, they just know they have to remove it once it does.


So if its been longer than that and she's feeling sort of ok but still pain in her abdomen then there is probably a different problem. It can be anything - the flu, gallbladder, liver, her period, ovary problems, etc.


When they were examining me they called appendicitus the "great pretender" because it can appear to be so many other things and other things mimic an appendix attack. Originally they said it was gastroenteritus (also known as upset stomach) and were going to send me home. They weren't completely sure even when I went in for surgery until they opened me up and saw it.


I think if she is up and around at school she is in the clear.

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