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break up, infidelity, confusion


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I am in love with this girl for the last 3 yrs and 6 months.She left for work in another country before 1 year.We have been keeping in touch during this period.3 months back I went to meet her,she was not happy to see me.She tried to avoid me but still kept saying that she loves me.I got back 2 months back and soon after I got back she called me up to say that she wants to be alone. I am madly in love with this girl and I was hoping to get back with her forever in next six months.Few weeks back she confessed to me that she is in love with another person and she has even slept with him. She is not sure about that guy. I told her that I want her back,she told she will come back.She was coming back but again that guy turned up to take her away. Now she is confused. She tells that she loves the other guy so much but she also says that she knows that no one will ever lover her like I did.I dont know what I should be doing.I am 26 she is 27.Should I forget her?She still calls me and tries to keep in touch. I cant do a thing here.I want to be happy again.Can anyone tell me what I should be doing?

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its all too much for me man, i would not be able to take it in the short term or deal with it in the long term. you are still young and you can still break without a lot of baggage. i miss those days. when something is good or right i gotta believe it kinda always is or so i thought and these things dont come up definitely not so soon. but a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do. good luck.

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It seems to me that you should just move on, she probably wont leave

this guy for you since she kind of left you for him, I know it's hard but

you should just move on she seems to not deserve someone so loyal

and loving, and Im sure theres someone out there for you who's going

to appreciate you for who you are, now you can always try and get her back but you have to ask yourself is she really worth all the pain she's

put you through. Well I hope this helps you get past things, and I hope

you do the right thing for yourself whatever that may be, well good luck.

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