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Ok, I'm a lesbian and I have been with this girl for almost 2 and a half years. Lately, she's been acting different. We are in a long distance relationship so we don't see each other a lot, but we do try to talk everyday.


Lately, we haven't been talking as much. But that isn't the problem, cuz I know she's been busy... However, she never shows affection on the phone anymore. She rarely tells me she loves me, so I usually initiate it. She hasn't been very sexual with me, like she has been before. But still we do talk a lot, but more like friends and we laugh and stuff, tell each other about our days, etc.... But basically I dont' feel LOVED.


It's been two years, and she's been very affectionate this whole time, up till about the last 3 weeks. We're still close like best friends, just I don't feel like she's my girl. If it makes a difference, she started taking a new birth control pill the beginning of the month. So what do you all think? Is she still in love with me?


PS: when I ask her she says i'm just paranoid.

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