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I've made out with 2 girls so far and both of them said i dont know how to kiss. This week im supposed to make out with a girl I really like and I don't want her to think im bad. Any tips? also, while making out what do you do with your lips, do you just let them sit there or what do you do?

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Forget the rules! I am considered a great kisser!


Here's the secret. Don't do anything with your lips. You see, kissing is SUBTLE. Just make sure your lips are wet and relaxed. The rest will take care of itself, I promise.


Lips wet... move in... that's it. Don't move your lips around, just let them float over her lips by moving your chin a little bit. Once you really get going naturally, just sneak your tongue out to LIP level, not BEYOND your lips. This wets things up a bit and touching tongues is always great. Just don't move your tongue into her mouth... only against her tongue and lips, but NOT in her mouth.


Practice againts your arm. If it feels good against your own skin, it will probably feel good against hers. Just remember, SOFT AND SUBTLE!!!!

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I had a girl that was a great teacher, been a great kisser ever sense. i dont know about just having wet lips just hanging there as the last poster suggested.


Im a little more active with my kisses. im a little passionate, and i think thats what these gals are looking for. if you were just giving a peck.


I cant really explain it, because its so interactive, and i dont do it the same each time, its not a formula, sometimes its passionate and hard, other times im just lightly touching her lips, other times our tongues are down each others throats.


depends on the mood, time, etc. you do need to have confidence.


a basic kiss, turn your head slightly to one side, press your lips against hers, open mouth slightly, sounds simple, but, hehe.


let me put it to you this way, if you didnt know how to ride a bike, could I explain it to you in words? you sit on the seat, hold handle bars in hand, put feet in pedal and push. yeah sounds simple.


I dont wanna scare ya, butthe best way is to learn by doing, youll get the hang of it, if your lucky youll get a really good kisser to get you going, like i did.

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