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She says Just friends


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I was dating this girl for a little of a year, maybe half too. But then she cheated, had another relationship while we were dating. Then we broke up, one of those big movie type scenes... Well for a couple of weeks after that we tried fixing it but it never worked. Then for those couple of months i was heartbroken, she went out and dated other ppl. I went out with (on dates) with maybe two girls that weren't just good friends of mine. Well that girl and i are talking again and seeing each other again...... I come over, call her, and just last night we went to see a movie. She had a great time, we were kissing, holding, etc. Just great! But on the way home she was all sad, and said she wanted to be my friend"because im a great guy, the best one she knew" She asked why i havent given up on her. I still love this girl. but she keeps saying she wants needs me in her life at least as a friend... Becuase she doesnt want to hurt me again.....and or she doesnt know if she likes me like that anymore...


What is going on? Help

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I have a feeling that you are very confused over this situation, which I do understand. My suggestion is quite simple, though very effective.


First you will have to determine wether you still want to get together. If the answer is 'yes', then I would start to think of what you need in a relationship with her. What are you looking for while being with her? If you have that clear, I would see how far she meets your needs already and what you still miss.


After that, I would talk to her. Express your feelings and your concerns. Tell her that you want to get back together and what you look for in a relation with her. Then ask her how she feels and what her needs are. If both your needs are compatible take it from there, if not, then may be it could be a good idea for you to go your separate ways.


Last but not least: friendship between a guy and a girl is possible. But it hurts when either one is in love with the other one. Then I am afraid it might not work.


Good luck! I hope this was of help


~ SwingFox ~

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What swinfox says is true. You need to really determine if you want to be with her or not. Can you put all of your trust into her again? She sounds like she is sorry for what she did and wants to have a positive realtionship with you. I think you need to ask her if you were have another go at a relationship if she could be honest with you and not cheat in the future. Maybe having a friendship is the only way she sees herself having a positive relatioship with you and she is afreaid she will hurt you again.

If you decide to have a relationship, it will be a lot of hard work, as will a friendship, but this has to come from your heart.

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