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I'm just not keen to all this dating stuff

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So a girl in my drawing studio class who is pretty cool and all and I talk to is pretty shy (so am i). At any rate during class break today her and I and a couple friends went and smoked some pot during break.


So when we get back I feel like I keep catching her looking at me (she seemed to look right away when i looked at her back), also before class started back up she seemed to make a point of looking at what I was working on and seemed to dig it which is nice.

I also noticed she usually keeps to herself and this was the first time I had really seen her go up to and talk to someone.


Anyway I'm prolly just being stupid and I should just ask her out right?

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Smoking pot can sometimes altar the minds awareness and things can seem to pop or stand out more, sometimes called a "trip" this process can make Your mind over focus on things, either mental or physical, maybe if you DIDN'T smoke the pot, and she still looked your way, it would be better because you know you weren't tripping...If you ask her out, make sure your NOT high.

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