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I want a relationship, he wants "friends with benefits&

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Well first I'd like to say Welcome to eNotalone, I will try my best to assist you in advice to get over this guy, reason why i saw that is because:


Coming from a guy, i think he wanted one thing, sad case......but you want him back as what exactly? the way things were...I'm not understanding this. you were upset because you WERE not B/f-G/f...soooo you called things off "the kissing" and he felt offended, maybe even pinned down, cornered, because he wasn't ready for that "commitment" reason being he liked things the way they were.


He's a DOG, not a true friend, tell your friends to watch out for him...not worth the heart ache, or the mental stress...move on find a guy that values' you and appreciates you for who you are, not how far he can get with you under the title "friends with benefits" that just isn't right...you deserve better.


Bottom Line__________Cut / Dry

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Do yourself a favor and lose this worthless guy..if he just wanted "benefits" then to hell with him..that's arrogant and just stupid to use someone for just sex..tell him either you want a relationship and to be mature about all this or to forget the whole thing cuz you know you can get better..of course...don't lower yourself to him...it would be pointless hun...you can do better..you know you can...........


you cannot speak to my experience. the quality of my life cannot be measured in your eyes.


-By Darrian

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Sounds like you guys were never on the same page here. I know, when you like someone you hope it'll lead to more, but frankly, that rarely happens. Especially if they think you're aware of what they want and are cool with that.


You want an honest evaluation? He shouldn't have persisted, if you weren't completely for the "just friends with benefits" thing, and he knew it wasn't in your nature, he should've backed off of that out of respect. So I agree, if he was aware of your standards, he wasn't being much of a friend persisting in something he had a good idea would end up hurting you. At the same time - he didn't lie about his intentions saying a relationship was a possibility. He may well feel like the injured party - bass ackwards thinking I know, but from his point of view, he was honest, and you broke things off when he thought you were on the same page - and weren't.


He wasn't ready for a relationship before, for whatever reason... and probably isn't now either. There are plenty of guys out there who have the same standards you do and would love to have a gf, give some of them a chance instead of waiting on this dude to be ready to commit to anything - you'll save yourself a lot of heartache.


"Friends with benefits" only works when both parties are on the same level, both emotion wise and expectation wise, or someone gets hurt.

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