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Made a big mistake and need help getting out.

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Some "background" on this fictional person, and how long he's been around, would be helpful... How old, where is he, is he a student, etc. I will say, whatever you do to make him "vanish" make it as SIMPLE as possible - the more complex you make it, the better chance you have of screwing up.


I'll spare you the lecture since you've obviously realized on your own you got in too deep and it's wrong to continue the deception. I suppose the things this dude has been the middleman in are too sensitive to just come clean, huh? I would consider 'fessing up after a time period has passed, most people are pretty forgiving of a truth, even a bad one, much more so than if someone DOES figure it out and word gets around that way.

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I have to be honest, that is a really good sociological experiment, and I give you props on your cleverness. But I guess it's too late for that, as now you've seen the consequences of going too far.


How long has it been going on? I mean, is this fictional character your girl's best friend or anything? My first idea was just to let him disappear. Stop sending emails, delete any profiles, all that stuff. If the people who know about him aren't too attatched, hopefully he will just become one of those "what do you think ever happened to..?" kind of people. Maybe everyone will just assume he lost his account or got distracted by life or something. It's better than making up a story about him dying or having him suddenly become an jerk so no one wants to talk to him.


If you tell your girl the truth she will most likely leave you. Plain and simple. Women don't like stuff like that, even if you didn't mean any harm. They think 'fake persona=he's a psycho=that's bad=get the hell out of there'. So anyway, you might try what I mentioned above. Keep it simple.

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You've emailed? From your own computer??? Be very thankful when you go to sleep tonight nobody's antenna went up to do an IP trace, or a comparative one with people's emails they knew, or your secret would be no such thing. I had this done to me, my suspicions were raised at email #3, I did a trace, and pissed off was not EVEN the word. I ALWAYS check IPs on anyone I think I'll talk to frequently or anything that seems off, and I doubt I'm the only one; you are one lucky boy.


I'm assuming you used webmail. Send an email from the library or a netcafe, your computer died, you don't have the funds to fix it, and you dunno when you'll be able to keep in touch, take care. And disappear quietly. The longer you drag this out, the better the odds you're going to get busted. You try to just taper off communications, you're going to have to deal with the guilt of "why aren't you talking to me as much now?" and be tempted to step it up a little to make her feel better. Yes, her feelings are gonna be hurt when her "friend" can't keep in touch anymore, but it's either do it fast or drag it out - just get it over with and consider it a lesson learned.

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