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Why am I feeling like this?


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I don't know if it's jealousy or some other emotion or what's going on. But I recently went out with this guy, kinda of like a blind date, he isn't really someone I would ever consider dating just cause I'm not physically attracted to him. But I loved the attention from him.


I mean, he would call randomly to say hi, and talk to me online as soon as I logged on. But while I loved the attention I was getting from him, I couldn't make myself like him as anything more than a friend.


But I guess he kinda got the message that I didn't like him like that cause all of a sudden he stopped calling and stopped messaging and I really miss it. I guess it's true, you never know what you have until you lose it.


I'm still pretty sure I don't like him as a bf but I so miss talking to him!!!!!


But i don't want to "force" him to talk to me if he doesn't want to. I know if i were to call him or IM him, he'll respond but I don't want him to unless he wants to.


I'm just so confused why i'm so upset. I mean, it's normal that he's moving on.

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Move on. No matter how you slice it, he wants more than a friendship. Continuing communication would just give him hope and then dissappointment. You don't want to rob his bank.


Its normal to feel upset after a relationship ends even if its just a friendship. We are wired to be social. Cut off someone its alittle like having someone die. Don't call him though unless you are interested beyond friends.

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