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should i or shouldn't i

un do roman numerals

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I'm with Jayar. If you've moved on and he's obviously moved on(stopped calling) then just let things be.


Not everyone wants to be in contact or friends after a break-up even if it wasn't an obvious break-up, more of a slinking away.


Nothing is "charred" or "dangly." If you 2 stopped having contact then there wasn't a "burn" where there were horrible things said, and there is nothing "dangling." It's done.


Go on and enjoy yourself with your new guy.

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For the love of God, do not call that boy. I had the same thing hapen to me before where I hadnt heard from the guy and just wanted to give him a "proper goodbye". Really, I think I was just letting him tell me if I was good enough or not since he seemed to have lost interest.

Honey, DON'T call. If he ain't worried about it, then he doesn't care anyway. Much love

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Yep, do NOT call him.. he's NOT asking how YOU feel, even though you were "pretty close" so please be aware of the fact that he's not even calling to say "hello" so why would you want to call to say "good bye" ??


Let go, chalk it up as an experience, respect yourself, no need to call any guy who is not making an intentional effort to show you the respect of letting you know he's not interested or at least some explaination.. he's not making the respectful effort to call you, so do not call him..just say "good bye" to the experience, no need to say goodbye to him..he's not even classy enough to say goodbye to you.. so Focus on what is in front of you, not behind you.. the best is yet to come.

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hey guys... I didn't. I went out with the new guy last night and I am feeling pretty good (to be an understatement.) I think he bodes well for me he's close to my own age and

he didn't even try to make out with me at the end of the night at all! (I am very excited about this i think its a good sign) and he called me after we both took the train two different places at 1 am to make sure i got home ok... awww.


I was thinking of sending the first guy a little note or vday card saying: no hard feelings. but right now I am thinking: who cares, why bother

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great advice from Batya33, it's best to NOT send anything on valentine day.. no matter what you might write in the card, or what you express it will only make him think "yep she's still waiting on me".. so do NOT send anything, just take this time to celebrate the personal discovery that YOU have many options, so many wonderful opportunities in life and in love are in YOUR future... so let go of the ex with self respect, no need to make any contact.. if the ex discovers that he wants to make an intentional respectful effort to be in your life that is the only way you want to have contact, so let go, enjoy your dating, and choose to live within self respecting standards and values.. thsi will prove to be the most attractive, empowering, healing choice.

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