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Btw im assuming your a female because of your name.


We have no way of knowing about this in you.


your the only one that can know. are you attracted to guys? are you attracted to girls? both? it could be you like this girl because you are so close and know each otther so well. and you relate that to affection and love.


If you do have a sexual experience with this girl-friend understand that if you experiment with this, and you find out its not who you are, she may get hurt and you could lose her as a friend also.


this problem is similar to strieght relationships when a male/female friends pair, decide to go deaper, and find out its not working, it can sometimes ruin a good friendship.


but this still doesnt answer your question if your gay or not. or maybe Bi.

just pay attention to your feelings, do you often think of other women? do you find women sexy and attractive, do you have thoughts of kissing them, then maybe you are gay or Bi.

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