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Setting the interview-the norm?

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Hello ENA'ers!!!!!! I've got a question to help me in my current job seeking.....


Ok, so after I put my resume out there and get some interest in setting up some interviews, what is the norm in terms of how I should schedule those interviews?


My current place of employment only has 4 employees (including me), so when I take time off I usually get asked what's going on. Up until recently, I answered those questions I know, i shouldn't have!


If a company contacts me for an interview, am I supposed to jump for the times they offer me? In other words is that just part of the job seeking deal? or is it not uncommon to ask them to meet me half way-meaning scheduling a time that is convernient for me? Such as after work, early a.m before work, etc.


Help! and thanks ahead of time!

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I don't think there is much bargaining when they offer you an interview time. What i mean is, don't expect them to set up an interview time before THIER work hours or after their work hours. All interviews i've had have been during regular work hours.


If you have to, you may have to use holiday/ vacation time. or personal time, whatever you have allocated to you.

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See...that's the thing i've been burned before by doing that, and while my "heart" says thats what i should do my head is screaming "NO WAY". Any other thoughts? Please tell me if i am way off base on something....that's why i'm here asking. It's been over 4 years since i've done this and aside from the one job i've told the truth to, the rest i quit and then found a new job. I have a house now and can't do that.

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I was hoping to get more replies....hmm...


Ok, but if i am interviewing many times, aren't excuses about Drs appts, dentist appts, etc going to cause concern and get me fired? Or if i keep saying at the last minute "I'll be in late on...whatever day"?


Am i missing something?




well, use those at your discretion... you would hope you woudln't have so many interviews without a job offer, so you won't have to worry about that problem!

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