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V-Day(Yes another V-day post sorry :) )


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Ok so I've been seeing this guy now for a little over a month (though we chatted online for a year before we met) and things have been progressing quicker than my usual pace due to feeling comfortable. By V-day it will be about 7 weeks that we have been dating (We aren't exclusive yet though neither of us is seeing other people at the moment).


Ok so basically I don't even know if he is planning anything on that day or if he even will even get me anything (he's 26, but looking for a job and basically broke right now). I actually couldn't care less if he doesn't buy me anything but I think I would be hurt if he didn't at least make me a card or dinner or something that shows he cares, heck I'd be swinging from the chandelier if he just wrote me a poem or drew me a picture haha.


Anyway, regardless of whether or not he will do/buy/make anything...I want to get him something. I also am broke (University student), and so I can't afford much. I've gotten him a card that is humorous and not too serious as this is a new relationship, and also his favorite chocolate. But I don't know what else to get him... I feel like I am missing something and the chocolate isn't enough I'd like to add something else but am out of ideas. I know guys don't like stuffed animals and stuff haha so guys.....any ideas??


*Keep in mind it will only be 7 weeks on V-day so not something that would signify something too serious as I don't want him running for the hills haha.

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Thanks for your reply Well I already do this most times. It's still in the early stages so I always try to look my best and for that night it's going to be a given. I just want to get him an extra thing also in case he does get me something also(I would feel bad if he spent more on me than him). And I don't want to tell him to have a spending cap because I want to see if he will remember on his own....does that make sense?

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