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the most random crap ever


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i posted my story on this site a few days ago, and well the story has been updated a bit (for better, but atm i feel as i alwais feel when i lose a friend).


we broke up, i found out some things but we got over it. well i did lol. long story short we decided to be good friends.

i told some friends about what she did, and i have no idea * * * they did if they did anything at all. but she randomly texts me saying "im off to bed, goodnight sleep well". within half a hour i reply basically a good night and sweet dreams. she texts back "dont sweet dreams me just leave me alone".

we had a txt off for a bit till i called and said say it to my face. she said it, hung up (didnt have the balls to take my end of the convo), and poof. its done lol.




im glad. because now i can fully move on. but i still feel how i always feel when i lose a friend it will go away in a few days im sure XD but yeah i really like my sleep and need some help before i hit the sack.


thank you all

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hey buddy,

All I can tell you here is that she is acting QUITE immature toward you and I have no idea why she would jus like all of the sudden freak on you when you just try to be nice back.

It would be one thing if you did something really bad to her and you were the one to initially text her saying sweet dreams and she got mad at you, but like that is not the case.

If I were you and my ex was treating me like this, then that is it. I don't care how many freaking times she texted me goodnight or whatever, if I know that she is not going to appreciate me responding to her then I would not ever want to respond to her ever again. It is sad because yes, you are losing a friend, but like I dont know, in this case I dont know how much of a friend this person is being to you if they are going to act like that.

But also, dont jump to a quick conclusion because there may be an explanation as to why she is acting like that. If you really want to, you can try to find out. Like she could have been upset with something OR she could be going through a rough couple of days and stuff.

So who knows. But if she regularly treats you like poop and you are fed up, then I would just not even worry about her anymore. Like I said, that is quite immature of her and like she has a lot of growing up to do.

I hope the best for you buddy and I hope you had a good rest.

Have a good day bud!



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