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Its been awhile since I've logged on here...since then things have changed. If you look at my previous posts you can see I've gone through pretty much what mostly everyone on this forum are going through.


Well its been over a year since then and you know what I'm doing good. I'm enjoying life, in the best shape I've been in ever and for once I'm truly happy. So tonight I was sitting here and thought you know what I should help those going through a hard time just like those people on here that helped me.


So did I get her back? Yes I did but did I want her back......Hell No! Shes asked to come back several times now and I've said No because I moved on, I don't want her back.


Word of advice move on, enjoy life and stop all contact!


I'm happy to offer more advice to anyone that needs it. You can email me or just send a private message.


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