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It is odd but recently I will have thought about suicide daily. They just sort of creep into my mind. I can envision myself doing it. I know for a fact I would never actually do such a thing. Is this just because I am going through hard times? Anyone else have any thoughts on this?

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Yeah, I think about it all the time. But I know that I'm too chicken to go through with it.


When I think of all the bills I need to pay, I get discouraged. What happens when you suddenly die and you left no will? The money in your bank account goes to the state? What about my monthly bills? cellphone/ car insurance, who sees to it that it gets cancelled? These are questions I ask myself when I think of suicide too.


But like I said, I will be too chicken and too anal to actually do it. The thought is a little comforting sometimes though. Like, if you just can't take the pain anymore, there is always THAT to resort too. Granted, its the easy way out. But a way out none the less.


Don't kill yourself by the way. Just... tell somebody you know you've been having those thoughts. Hope you fee better.

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