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How to make ammends when you've just been utterly insensitive and selfish?


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I really upset my guy yesterday, by being overly pushy and impatient.


Someone really important in his life just passed away, and I acted like a complete moron, getting all worked up about getting some stuff done, that in the big picture is not really a problem.


I just got pushy, "But it should be ready, and I want it now now now"


He's a saint when it comes to deal with my whining in normal circumstances but this time I really pushed my luck. He is not emotinally alright, and there I was, complaining and demanding stuff, acting like a royal arsewipe.


We talked and worked things out. I apologize deeply, but it still doesn't feel right.


Talk is cheap, and lately I've been so moronic and saying sorry so many times, that it's beginning to sound phony.


I really want to show him that I'm fully committed to him, and that I'm here for him. I wish I could mend the pieces of his broken heart -because of the loss- right now, but words are not enough as we are in different places at the time, and won't be getting together until the next couple of weeks.


What to do?

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Do something to help him get ready for the funeral. Help him pick out a gift for the person that just passed away, or prepare your own gift to go along with it.


Who buys the departed a gift?


Op, lots of hugs and compassion will go a long way right now to show him you're right there with him to help him through this.

Be helpful.

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