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Something thats really bothering me


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Hey this is my first post, I’ve read peoples advice here and I think it’s great. I’m not too good at putting it into words and I hope I posted in the right place but I had to see if anyone could offer me advice or give me a brighter perspective.


I don’t usually meet many people I like but I met this girl in an evening class who I really like and can’t stop thinking about and I ended up developing strong feelings for her. She has been in the class a while now but it’s only recently I’ve ended up sitting by her. The class is once a week and she’s missed a few because of more serious exams etc. When we talked we got on and shared interests and a sense of humour. I decided this week after we finished talking id ask her to keep in touch with me or to meet up outside the class. I liked her but I didn’t want to rush anything because we only see each other in this class.


When I finally get talking to her we get on well. I found my confidence and was ready to ask her on the way out of class, until later on I hear her talking to someone else and in what she said she mentioned she had a boyfriend. I was crushed by this I know I should forget it but I really liked her and finding it hard to deal with. We don’t talk outside the class, I would have asked to get to know her but having heard she has a boyfriend I wasn’t sure and inside I fell to pieces. Just any words of advice or wisdom would be appreciated to help me get over this as it’s always in the back of my mind. I feel like I missed a one in a million chance. She’s one of the most pretty girls I’ve known and she seemed completely on my level, we got on well and shared so much in common so this revelation has left me devastated. I don’t know if I should leave it or try being her friend, my feelings are strong but she’s still a nice person one of the very few I know.

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Welcome to my world where all the women you like don't either want you or worst they have a boyfriend. My only suggestion is don't become to attacted to one girl because if you do once something goes wrong it will leave you very bitter, I also must say its very hard to recover normally id be crushed and never be interested in another woman for more than a year, my last attempt left me uninterested for nearly 2/1years before I met another one but she's now married and hey its all good iam now good friends with her husband we share alot of incommon and iam not bitter for a change Its totally how you handle it


From past experances I have never had a girlfriend because either they would reject me, brush me off or theres a boyfriend in the picture or they use the boyfriend card to prevent me from being hurt and 90% its because they where already taken.


Now I have got to the point where I have gave up and now I have focused on believing there's nobody out there for me to where it won't effect me anymore when I see a woman who I might be interested.


You case is however alittle diffrent from mine, I promise there will be more chances in the future but I totally understand where your coming from because I have been there 60+times almost.

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Thanks for reading and replying, I guess I made a huge mistake just thinking about one girl. I suppose the only thing I can do is carry on and let everything takes it's course. I still keep thinking about her and it drives me mad because I don't want to knowing shes unobtainable. Although I won't see her for a while the class is on a weeks break and after that she said she will be on holiday for a week or two, it is a perfect chance to move on but I can't find any distractions so it will most likely bug me the whole time. I guess the bright side of me hearing she had a boyfriend has saved me from being rejected by her.

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