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Hi all,


I just need to vent these feelings. I saw someone briefly who has blown me off not once, but twice.


What's making me so angry is that the very first week I started seeing him I told him he was not over his former GF but he denied not being over her. So...I spent Christmas, New Year's Eve and his BD with him.


I finally decided to ask him (again) if he was over her. He stumbled around and said maybe the two of them would be together again someday. I could have accepted this and moved on, but he called me again and wanted to see me. He introduced me to his son, which I guess really meant nothing.


So I wrote him a long email telling him I could not be an in-between filler. He wrote me back saying he didn't know what was going to happen, I'm a wonderful person, blah, blah, blah...we should just have something casual (after we'd slept together). I let it go. Fast forward three weeks later. He'd had pneumonia so I decided to drop him an email today to see how he was...all of three sentences. For some reason, he felt compelled to come back with another Hallmark greeting card response and let me know he is getting back together with his GF. I did not need to get blown off again, especially since he said he wanted "to be friends." What a load of BS.


Anyway, I just feel used. He had his little fling with me and probably even told her about me, which may be why things are changing with them. (she'd told him in no uncertain terms she just wanted to be friends last April).



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Thanks Lady D and barbie. I agree with your sentiments. I finally decided to read his last reply and thought I'd share...


"Life is to enjoy, to learn to live and to love and our time here is short I have no regrets and meant no harm and realize all good things take time, was the time we had the worst that could happen."


Gee, thanks Pal. I am glad you had your little Sex in the City fling with me. (he watches this show every night).


No, he could have turned out to be an ax murderer, I guess. But I just didn't need one more insincere guy in my life who thinks it's no big deal to mislead me.

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