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ex-tra baggage

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let me put you up on events as usual. to make a long story short, my ex got comfy hittin' up my number again. It started with everything from i look like someone to she called me by accident...whateva i'm not gonna crucify you for calling me. it had also reached the point where i wasn't gonna worry about her hurting or how she felt, cause i wasn't gettin' nothing from this deal. I don't always want to hear of your daily hardships. yeah i call once every blue, you my real friend and i don't even speak with you on some every other day tip, so i know what a real friend is. I said lets be friends cause i thought i hurt the girl and i still wanted to see her. the pattern went from hittin' me on weekends to basically every other day. I hate to keep track but i know who i'm dealing with. the other day when she called, i said so all you want to do is talk. I was like you not tryin' to see me...she was like we're friends i don't have to come and see you. Now you understand when i say i know who i'm dealing with. I knew wheneva i pulled the you callin me too much, she was prepared with the friendship card, she's good! So i was like well why are you calling me everyday like you my girl, and she got very defensive: well i don't have to call you, you can get off right now, I'm still gon be busy......one thing led to another and i was like f*ck you and hung up. So by her response when i said to come see me let me know she

was keeping tabs on me, i guess to let me know she was doin just fine and that she could live without me and to also make sure i wasn't doin shit. But I know me, i'm not here to inform her of the things i'm doin....if anything thats my business. She's the type though to go out of her way to put things in my face, she loves when a guy passes on the phone with me and introduces themselves, she's made sure to tell me the roomates were gone and then speaks to someone, so much dumbness. i ain't the jealous type i'm only gonna view her differently, i'm not angry if you get down like that. At the same time focusing your energy on keeping track of me lets me know you might not be doing shit, and if you are why are you so worried about the kid's life. she's also used to dudes hating her or a terrible ending, thats not in my nature to hate you. I'm can't get angry or hate her for who she is....but

my point is i'm not wit that cause its no wins for me. I just had to learn that though i liked her, me and my ex was just good moments to each other. For someone to talk the way she does after the fact, titles shouldn't have held weight. my ex has issues deep within herself and i don't even think they are with me, she couldve been with probably anyone and it mightve been the same.

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