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In need of insipiring stories !!!for a change!


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hey! was just feeling low today and needed to hear some nice stories on these boards for a change!

My first love left me for another man about 5 months ago...am doing much better but i cant still let go of the hope that one day she ll b back , or that we will everntaully get back together somehow..have in mind that this ghirl already conacted me 3 times and the last time i said listen i cant take it anymore i know you left me for him and she said no i lef tyou for this and that (lies) and that she wanted to keep in touch...i never replied i was mad and dont wana b her feriend after what she did..but maybe with time amthining things will change...


anyways. has anyone got stores where a girl leeaves a man for another man and then she comes back months later ?? or even years..?


thanx and take care

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yes. be the better man, is how it happens. think back to why she fell in love with you to begin with. if you can truly say you did everything in your power to be the best boyfriend you can be, you should have no regrets. if you screwed up, fix yourself. but dont do it for her, do it for you. she is just the icing on the cake should you choose to let her back to you.


my cousin dumped her boyfriend (first real love) and she got back with him many many months after. possibly even verging after a year. . they got married. and now they have two girls 5 and 3! he cried and all of that, and was totally devastated. not sure how it fixed itself, but it did.


my other friend was dumped by her boyfriend. first loves. he felt scared about marrying the only girl he really dated. so she was devastated. she moved on. he moved on. he dated 2 other girls. and she was ENGAGED to be married to someone else. they were totally estranged for YEAR and somehow, by the hand of god, none of those relationships worked...and they found each other again. and got married and have been married for 6 years.

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I know of 2 people who's partners(female) left them for another.After 8 months the first one wanted to reconcile but he had healed and didn't want anything to do with her.

The second one tried to reconcile after 1 1/2 years.Again they never reunited because he was now in love with a person he met 9 months after the break.On both occasions the dumpees had moved on and were living their new lives.The dumpers were the losers and ended up with nothing.So anything is possible,but time may make you realise that if someone left you for another,maybe,just maybe they are not worth taking back.So try and live your life as best you can.If you meet someone you like,give them a chance to get into your life.You never know,you just may fall in love again.

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lizer....finally happy endings! Basiclly ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Usually it happens when we are not trying to make it happen. A little story...not about getting abck together but about how letting go works in all areas of your life. A friend, waht I thought was a friend owed me a great deal of money, refused to pay and after many attempts to get the money back, always doing it with respect to her and not in a threatening way, I had to let go of the attempts. I filed in small claims to take her to court. Well, last week teh court date came through. Today I get an email from her asking to settle this out of court and she is willing to pay. I had originally said that I was willing to take half the money she owed me. I am still willing to do that.


What does this have to do with getting back together, well by first attempting to resolve the issue in a respectful way and not getting anywhere you realise you need to move on. I did, I took care of my needs, I needed the money, I was broke so I took action to take care of me. Then I turned it over to the court system. However, by being respectful to her I allowed her to at any time contact me and feel OK about doing that. The issue is resolved. Now apply that to an ex. Letting go, being respctful, doing it with love allows the door to always remain open.

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Yes, it just happened to me. It was about 3 weeks of NC. She messaged me and told me all her feelings that she still had for me. She is supposed to split up with him tomorrow actually. I told her I think its best though if we dont get together yet. Even though she feels this way about me, which I want to build on, she hasnt settled her feelings in general. She never had a rest to figure out if its what she really wants and to see if these feelings are real. I actually hope Im handling this the right way.

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