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date suggestions

sweeth tooth cadet

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I'm a gigging and sometimes street musician, I too was going to suggest attending an open mic night, often they are free and can run from 8:00 until 12:00 or even later. At least buy a tea or a coffee to support the venue. Applause is all we want from it, maybe a smile or two, but it's a great date and you see all kinds of people.


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you can do a search of your area and it will show them all. A walk downtown is nice, just going to a bookstore and browsing books is fun.


After a couple or few dates, sometimes we'll go volunteer some time to help families, elderly, homeless, etc., then grab a coffee after.


If they don't like that idea, I usually know they aren't for me anyway.

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they have a newspaper here called 'new times'. lists a bunch of free events going on. they have some in the local paper too. grab that. plenty of things in there that cost money and are free. pick something that sounds fun.


bowling and mini golf are pretty cheap and fun.

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For when you're broke:

Museums & Art Galleries

Walks through Parks/Public Gardens(make sure you check the weather first)

Comedy Clubs can be pretty cheap

Movies aren't that much either...

Coffee shops are nice...

just go window shopping downtown...

instead of going out...invite her over or go over there and cook for her(always a winner)...if you don't know how to cook, then get online and look up something quick and easy to make that has a lotta flavor...chicken is usually one of the most forgiving things to cook and can be made in 1000's of ways.


For when you got some cash...

Live theater is always great

Dinner at a nice restaurant

Take a class together...look around and you'll find some cooking/dancing/art classes available

Sporting events are fun...but of course you're in the UK so some of your soccer matches get a little too rowdy for the typical girl I think, so maybe hold off on that one.

Take an overnight trip somewhere...

Go to a wine/cheese tasting event...

any kind of festival going on...



lotsa stuff...

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