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She is reading "Love Smart"

i miss her 2

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Ok, my gf and I have been together for 2 years. We did break up in august and she saw another guy for a while but we got back together in October. We have been going pretty strong since and things have actually seemed better lately (except for the fact that I still have some resentment for the breakup, but I keep that inside). She even talks about wanting to get a place with me in the fall. Anyway, tonight on the phone I hear her parents come in and they are like, "who are you on the phone with?" And she goes, "My lover." So then I guess one of her parents points out that she had the Dr. Phil book "love smart: find the right one or fix the one you've got" book on her bed. I didn't even hear them say this though and then she tells me she was reading it because her Mom gave it to her a long time ago and she couldn't find anything else to read. She sounded embarrassed when she said this and I just kind of chuckled..even though I thoguht it was odd. The thing is she ACTS like everything is wonderful right now in our relationship. Now I can't help but wonder why she was reading it. Maybe she was comparing me to whatever the book say's. I guess I should just blow this off though right?

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i have SO MANY relationship books. Well maybe four. But thats still more than a few! My boyfriend saw one of them once (it was in regards to trust in relationships, weve had some problems but Ive definitely had trust issues from my past i had been trying to resolve on a grander scale). I was definitely embarrassed that he saw them. That is because I dont read them because there is something wrong with him or us, but because I like to gain some insight on myself and my relationship.


Im actually waiting for a book right now that I have been wanting for a very long time...and this one I may even read on the plane while my bf and I leave for our vacation!! lol


Either way....dont be alarmed by a book. As some posters said above, i think its a good thing, and it doesnt mean at ALL that your relaitonship is in danger or that she is looking to 'fix you'. I think it's a great sign that people are able to read about nearly every topic nowadays in order to expand their knowledge.


Don't be alarmed....this is a good thing!

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