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So confused, what do I do?


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My ex broke up with me around the beginning of January and now she wants me back. I still like her, but there is someone else too. I don't know what to do.


She broke up with me because, she said, our personalities are too different and we decided to just stay friends. I agree with that, since we can't have a serious conversation or an intellectual conversation. She's fun to be around and is very attractive, she has a good personality. We've only known each other for two months.


The other girl, She is my best friend and we've known each other for over 7 years and I've liked her for 5 years. I like her and recently I've been getting a vibe that she likes me. There are great conversations between us, both intellectual and stupid (in a comedic sense). She helped me through an extreme depression and through PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). She is very receptive with all of my emotions and views. I have a lot of fun with her. She is (physically) very attractive and her personality is more attractive to me than her looks.



My ex goes to the same school I do, my friend goes to a different school. The school my friend goes to has much higher standards and is much more advanced than my school. I promised my ex that I would go to the prom with her and I absolutely HATE breaking a promise. I can't take my friend to the prom because neither of our schools allow people from other schools to attend their respective proms. I don't mind going to the prom with my ex AS FRIENDS. I know for a fact that, say me and my friend started going out, that if I tell her the entire situation and that I only see my ex as a friend that she would be completely fine with it because she knows I am not a person to break a promise and I told her the entire situation (also, I'm a hopeless romantic and will wind up doing something to make up for us not being able to go to the prom). My ex knows that I still have feelings for her and she found out about my friend. She has been trying for the past couple weeks to get me to go back out with her but I keep telling her that I simply am not ready for one at the moment. The truth is I actually am. I actually would rather be with my friend than with my ex.


How do I get my ex to stop trying to push me into a relationship with her? I keep telling her that I am not ready. I told her that if I were with her and she knew that I still liked my friend that even if she were fine with it, I wouldn't be. Because I don't think it would be fair to her.

Me and my ex are compatible in a few ways. But my friend and I are compatible in most ways. I don't know what to do.

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so far with everyone I've been right so tell me if this does turn out well


From the info provided go with the old friend, because its going to be easy to be with her, talking to her is easier, which is a huge part of dating

not the ex


u can still take her to the prom as a friend


trust me, I haven't been wrong yet

U'll be happier

she'll get over it

u've got to worry about urself

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