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I was just wondering, do girls really care wether a guy is a geek/nerd (i.e. plays RPGs, is brainy, doesn't do anything fancy with his looks, uses computers a lot)?


I hang out in a group that some guys call the "geek gang".Most popular guys tend to treat me as if i was less imp[ortant than them , but girls tend to always say hello , talk to me if for some reason i'm sitting by myself in class and talk to me quite normally.


If a girl was to choose between a geek and a popular guy, is she less likely to choose the geek?

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You know what they say...

Be nice to nerds - chances are you'll end up working for one.


But it depends. If the girl is after popularity, or is looking for the hottest guy in school, then yes, she'll probably choose the popular guy.

But, if the girl isn't quite so shallow, then it won't matter, so long as she finds you fun to be around.


Some popular guys are merely geeks in disguise... they enjoy videogames and computers just as much as everyone else. It's all in the presentation.

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If i wanted to attract some girls ( i'm 16 and have never gone out with anyone), would it be better to try and act a bit cooler (do my hair, wear "cool" clothes) or should i stay as i am ( i'm not that bad: i play Judo, skate, ski, mountain bike)?


All the more popular people that i am friends with (but don't really hang out with them) seem to go to malls, parties and never do anything that would interest me that much. I've only been to one of these parties and it kind of sucked.


The people i hang out with are friendly but i'm getting a little bored because there are about 10 of us and we always go round to one of their houses and play computer or cards, and i never seem to meet any new interesting people ( especially girls ).

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Naw, stay focused on school... Girls aren't worth it. Don't try and 'act' anything.


If I could do some stuff different it would be focus less on girls. Maybe I would of had a better G.P.A? More money? A lot more gas in my car? Who knows.


Now if ya' find someone you really enjoy, not some girl that's hot, it'd be worth all that stuff. You'd even cross your parents for her, then something happens, you two break up and you'll be all depressed; ending up here again but with another topic.


Odd logic, eh?


P.S. Wait for college, then you'll have a better view on things.(A lot funner than highschool, and I had a blast in highschool.



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Oi lah, Hammo!


I do not consider myself to be a "nerdy" guy. Maybe I'm kinda geeky but I'm comfortable in that =). Though I'd hate to find myself fraternizing with the jocks, I'd rather keep to people who I know where I have them. "Geeks" are really as honest as they come, the only 'problem' is that socializing with girls tend to be the major problem.


I play RPG's, read books and just dress in a way that I find comfortable.

Fleece jacket, ordinary pants and ordinary shoes. Why show the world that you're a superficial bastard who needs to flaunt his appearance in order to get superficial chicks? .. I guess I don't look geeky eventhough I feel like it. I have a piercing and women tend to look my way both once and twice. Some girls in my class once even told me that they thought I looked mad all the time. But that's only because of my focused eyes (I usually wear glasses but I always try not to) and my curvy eyebrows.


Blah! I notice that I'm falling behind the subject here!!

What I'm trying to say is that both women and men, the ones who are somewhat sane atleast, try to look further than the appearance. Why even try to have a relationship with some stud or babe just to discover that you're completely different and get hurt in the end? The ones who look beyond and see deeper tend to have longer and more meaningful relationships. Some girls, and boys too, are just in a period where they want to experiment with things like this. Some however, want a calm bf/gf to confide in and just feel safe with.


Hmm.. I hope I could give you some explanation as to why strange things happen sometimes. And just hang in there, the girls seem to have an interest in you as well =). Good luck, pal!


*goes to kill some kobolts in Alley of the Elms*

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I've always found intelligence attractive, rather than nerdy. Unless we're talking "Revenge of the Nerds" appearance here, and a guy who would rather spend the night coding than talking, it's a plus. I like reading, learning, intelligent debates and discussions, as well as fun - being able to be mentally challenged is a huge bonus for lively arguments, which I FAR prefer to being bored. I'd rather be "on my toes" mentally than carry on desultory conversations about the weather, it makes for a lot more interest getting to know someone when you learn something new from those "quiet" nights sitting talking! *sighs* My Achilles Heel - I'm a sucker for a challenge.

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Actually, when I was in high school, I did not like the jocks. I mean, they were cool and all, but I just didn't find them as attractive.


Some of the guys that I liked were among the nerds I guess, guys in the 'band camp' group.


So, if you're wondering, girls do find nerds attractive. You probably have a few crushes.

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Don't sweat a thing-unless you're going after Ms. Popular, she is possible to get. All you have to be is confident and be true to yourself. Maybe save her from something or someone like in the movies . Anyway, I'm so-called "popular" and I haven't had a gf yet (I asked out the other popular girl in my grade and she said no), so don't sweat it (don't believe all the myths). P.S-The movies make social status in school more of an exaggeration-its really no all that big. Hope this helps a little.

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be yourself, work out, stay confident and continue playing games and doing what you like. You will treasure the good times you had.


at 16 the whole cool vs geek thing might be important but once you get out of high school no one cares. if you have girls talking to you that is a good thing. Get to know them better. Try to fit them in your schedule but don't forget who your friends are. I went through all of highschool oblivious of girls even though there were a couple who liked me. It all turns out good in the end, as long as you want it to. College is even better.


I've been playing RPGs and video games all my life, this is what I loved, and I ended up a game designer. Follow your heart, do not change just becaues you want to fit in. In High school I was the biggest dork. Now I am probably the hotest guy out of all my male friends according to the women I know. ( I don't fit the traditional geek/video game guy look). For the last 10 years I've been dating really hot girls and all of them liked what I did and who I was. Allot can change in your life. Just becasue someone stereotypes you in high school does not mean that you will be that for the rest of your life. Just have fun and don't worry. If you can get a girlfriend by staying true to yourself you will be miles ahead of the popular guys who are all show and no act.

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