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"The Less attractive friend"


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I came accross this situation several times Saturday but I'll use the best example to keep it short.


On Saturday I was pulling into my driveway with my Dad and there were 2 girls walking down the street. One was quite possibly the hottest girl I've ever seen. Not quite the type I normally go for as they tend to be very into themselves but still, amazing looking lol. The other was completely average. The hot one looked over so I sort of acknowledged her and she just held her glance for a few seconds then turned her head and kept walking. The friend practically stared and then kept looking back over and over.


So, does this mean the less attractive one has less pride in the sense the hot one thinks "I don't need to look more than once"


Does it mean the less attractive one has lower standards thus finding me more attractive?


I know for a fact other guys on here have encountered similar situations and I'm interested to read anyone else's take on it



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On only a similarly related topic, does anyone else feel like Nicole Richie is about 20x hotter then Paris these days? I don't think it's even close. I never liked either one of them, but I have to admit that I'm liking Nicole and all of her broken, mischief-making ways. Never thought I'd say that.


As for "the friend", how do you know that either one of them found you attractive? Because they looked at you? I don't think that means anything at all. I do know that I've been attracted to someone in the past who was pretty take it or leave it with me, only to find out that her friend was crazy attracted to me. This has happened twice actually.


I think that, sometimes, when we focus a little too much on someone that it's just, well, unattractive. But we're nice and cool to the friend in a non-pursuit way so it makes sense that they might be attracted to that. And then you might be surprised that once you've given up chase, and you actually date the "friend", that the first woman who was lukewarm about you suddenly finds you irresistible.


Just a dynamic that I've noticed in the past.

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I have a personal anecdote about this type of situation. In high school, my two best friends were "hot" while I was the "cute" one. At one point, we were all dating within this one group of guys. Their guys were volleyball players, filthy rich, all kinds of "good" titles. These girls were not nice to these guys at all, and basically broke both of their hearts. Both guys eventually confessed to me that they should have paid more attention to me and gone out with me instead of being with hot, but mean girls. They both regret not dating me. They saw how I treated my boyfriends and dates, and really regretted being so shallow.


There's more than just what's on the surface.

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How do you know that the girl looked at you because she thought you were attractive? Maybe you had a big snot in your nose or something? Just kidding but it is quite a shallow thing to say. You are talking about your personal preferences as to who was hot and who was not! Another man might see it the other way around. Maybe the one who you thought was less attractive thinks she is more attractive than her friend!

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Lol, I knew i'd get heat for writing that. to be honest, you have to be pretty Naive to think some people aren't considered more attractive than others by a certain scale. I am positive that 95% of the male population would agree with me as to which one was better looking.


And I was just using an example of a situation that occurs all the time and wanted others' input. Maybe I should have used a hypothetical situation rather than a real one. I know they may not have found me attractive, but there are at least some cases where they do.

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Personally, I think all you NEED to know here is that there are girls who find you so attractive, they want to keep rubbernecking and looking back at you.


It's got nothing to do with "lower standards" because let's face it, when a girl is walking on the street and sees a stranger, she doesn't have to keep looking at him and double-taking. And this goes for ALL girls, I don't care how you judge her looks. A girl who is "homely" by some people's standards are going to stare at guys that are drop-dead gorgeous and want to keep looking, just as "average" looking men will stare at a hot woman. People look at whomever catches their eye, regardless of what they look like themselves.


It's possible that the "hotter" one had other things on her mind, and thereforeeee your looks weren't a predominant thing at the moment. Perhaps she was trying to work out in her head whether her cell phone might have a message from her bf on it, and was wondering if he'd texted sorry about their argument earlier, so looking twice at you wasn't on the front burner.


A girl thought you worthy of looking back at you, and that is all you need here -- be flattered and leave it at that, I think.

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I just mean that girls who in my opinion are better looking are "cooler" about that sort of thing. I was just curious if others find that as well. I can usually tell if a girl finds me attractive or not. I have just noticed a pattern. I have had girls who I would go so far as to call ugly practically gawk at me for long periods of time but i've never had that with a girl who I considered to be attractive. I find ones I like are more subtle....I really don't know how to explain it, but I assume other people share my views on the subject.

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No, just b/c she was less attractive doesn't mean you're less attractive. People are attracted to different things and sometimes hot women like dog ugly men and dog ugly women like hot men. You're reading into it too much, and also being a little insensitive and rude. You should be glad someone found you attractive...you shouldn't be a jerk about it.

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The way you said it. I mean, its kind of mean to point out that somenoe is unattractive. Especially when you put her down that way and she was showing interest in you. I can understand if she was really aggressive, but the girl just looked at you and that was it. What you said could be really hurtful. I can't believe you can't see that. i'm not trying to call you names ...its actually common among a lot of typical men and i just wish more men were a little more kind than unkind.

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