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She passed my "test" with flying colors...


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As I posted a short while ago, I got my confidence back ( ) and I'm ready to roll.


Right now there is this one girl I have my eye on. She's really cool, down-to-earth, we can talk about a variety of topics, we have a lot in common, and she's attractive to boot.


Just for some background, I know her through my best friend here at school; I got to know her in November-December when she said she recognized me from one of our classes. Eventually we studied for our final together (one of her other friends came an hour later) and we talked a little bit over break. When second semester began, I convinced her to go to a party my buddy and I were at, and we were still talking - though we were using all means of communication - in-person, on the phone, and online.


So far, I felt my "laid-back but then get things moving" demeanor was really working. While she "definitely" agreed to hang out, I still wasn't too sure if she "liked" me, or if I were just a friend. So, with the Super Bowl right around the corner, I designed a little "test." I invited her to stop by during the game (I told her that her friends were of course invited too), and she said she would. Actions speak louder than words, so I m took her answer with a grain of salt.


Fast forward to the Super Bowl. I decided that I was going to let her contact me if she wanted to stop by because I felt I was initiating more of the communication than she was. (I was watching with a small group of people in my friend's dorm room). Sure enough, she did contact me, and a short while later, she came knockin'. She said for about half an hour, we talked, I cracked some C+F (she laughed), and I showed her a drinking game that my friends were playing (the girl's and I's "secret plan" was to get my buddy to lose so he'd be drunk). She seemed to enjoy being there even though she didn't know many of the other people.


A little while after she left, I texted her, saying it was great she stopped by, and that we'd hang out later this week. She agreed (said we can hopefully hang out), saying even though her week is a bit busy for her, we'll figure something out.


So, what do you guys think? Too many times I think a girl "likes" me only to have misread something and have it not be true. However, this girl is different, and I feel a real connection. I know there hasn't been a real date yet, but she followed through on saying she'd stop by, and she stayed for a little while. I told her that she could invite her close friends too (she was watching most of the game on her floor w/ those friends), but only she came (of course not a bad thing, just a FYI).

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You mean outside the dorms Ghost lol...but I know what you're saying. The only real ideas I have for a "first date" is a movie or eating somewhere like the dining hall (yeah I know it's "eh", but apparently going to a good-and-also-cheap resturaunt accross the street is being too forward). The toughest thing for me won't be the date IMO; it will be timing that first kiss, and if she'll go for it (I'm not sure about how this part goes lol...it's been awhile).


Another idea I could try (let me know your views on this) is a double-date with my buddy and his gf. She knows my friend, and his gf is a cool person as well. Maybe I should try this after I go on a date with my girl?


Thoughts on either idea (or both) are appreciated.


P.S. Any particular thoughts about what happened yesterday? Maybe it really doesn't mean much in the overall scheme of things, but if there is a "telling"sign you may have seen, feel free to let me know.


P.P.S. I just realized Valentine's Day is a week and a half away. What should I do here - I mean we're not dating yet, but we always talk and I have a feeling she may like me too. Other than a "date," how should I go about this, either if we had gone on a date before (where I hope to be) or if we had just hung out (where I am now)?

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ask her out for the weekend or a week night. gotta be a quaint local pizza parlor. don't do the movies. can't talk there and get to know each other.


don't worry about v-day. keep that outta your head.


We have a local pizza parlor by us, but I don't know if that will do the trick. I know that there is a nearby, nicer bowling alley that also serves food (it has a menu). I could take her there as well.


A movie is an easier date, but we won't be talking for 2 hrs during the movie (although we would on the way there/back). The pizza place isn't bad and it's low-key, but I'd be too tempted to have her pick from the pizza place, a local restuaunt (low key, but it's one where you sit in and order from), or the dining hall if she wanted to be cheap lol. Of course I am only this picky on a first date - it's been a while since I've been on a date, and I feel I need something a little out of "normal" that is fun and she will enjoy it.


Today is the day where I will call her and let her know what's up. I'll say something like:


"Hey [girl's name], what's up? How's your day? Well guess what, clear your calendar [a day this week] evening because you and I are going out to have a fun time. I'll pick you up at 5:00."


I'm keeping the location of this "date" a mystery to her (even if she persists), so she seems intrigued. What do you guys think?

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the fact that valentines day is coming up is great for you! it's a day where everyone can be as corny as they want, and it's okay, not lame. get her a card and a box of chocolates or a teddy bear that says "will you be my valentine" or something. she'll get the message.


hahaha we'll see. I don't want to go over the top by any means.


Speaking of over the top, some recent developments are eithee really good for me, or I just placed myself in the friends zone. I have no idea where I am, so let me know if these actions help or hurt my cause:


1.) I did ask her out last week, but she told me she was working and she just got started up in a new group at school, but that we will definitely hang out sometime. In most cases, this means I'm finished, except...she was actually being honest!. In fact, she apologized the next day for not getting back to me later the day before (she said she would call to discuss hanging out later).


2.) I asked her about her work and her new group and such...when describing the group, she mentioned to me that one of the things they help run is the dance in 2 weeks. I plan on asking her to it, now knowing she HAS to go, but was this her putting the dance in my head, or her just describing her job?



3.) Usually I eat breakfast alone because, well, all my other friends are asleep. Today, I saw the girl I like in the dining hall. We first talked about the night before, and she said she didn't mean to appear all shaken up (her friends didn't get in, but she did). Anyway, her guy friend was there too, and he quickly noted how I brought a magazine down. I quickly replied "Well, I need to entertain myself somehow, right?" The girl quickly offered me the chance to sit at their table (the guy said this too), I figured I may as well. There, I thought I was pretty charming to all; I used some wit, asked everyone about themselves, etc. The one thing I didn't like is that it was a little longer than I wanted (for some reason I never leave well before everyone else), so my "material" was running a little dry by the end lol. Then again, it was only her when she came by to watch part of the Super Bowl with me and my friends.


So, any ideas from all this? #3 is the most intriguing, because I don't know if what I did was good or bad. I went along with the impression that getting her friends to like me is definitely good, but in her mind am I just "another one of the friends," or...did I make a good impression on her friends that she'd consider something more???

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