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This is something my husband wrote to me.


"You said you know a lot of the reasons the way you acted was because you were scared - of pain, getting hurt. True love for someone else is not worrying about yourself getting hurt because you trust that person and know almost exactly what they are thinking. it seems jealousy is a big problem but look at it from my point of view. If i always accused of being involved with someone else then eventually you would say daggum he always thinks i am involved with someone else thereforeeee if he doesnt believe that i am not then i guess i might as well involve myself with someone else. Jealousy is another bad trait that does not belong in a marriage. A marriage can not survive at all with jealousy and without trust."


Does this means he wants someone else or that he has been with soeone else?

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Sounds to me like he is saying try to trust him otherwise if you cant trust him he may as well not deserve the trust. Defeinitely doesnt sound like he has done anything to obuse your trust but I guess there must be other things in your relationship to make him write this. Talk to him

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