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Just be careful to not let yourself get too much into it


Yes - oh yes! Thanks for the reminder!


It means nothing more than it was nice! And, just perhaps he saw a side of me that has surprised him --- he knows me very well and lets say that tonight may put me in a different light... one that he wouldn't have guessed?


Oh well - this was all just fun today.



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Cats, Im so happy for you, just chill, bo cool, youve helped me even when ya didnt know it, , be cool gurl, I wish ya the best


Well by "helping" I assume your referring to 'what not to do!' LOL!!! I'm a classic case of that!


Yes - this means nothing except to say that he is slowly opening up those doors of his that he has learned to guard much like trying to board an airplane.


I have to remember not to fling them open but let him control the in flow!


Anyway - it was nice and I'm not going to focous to much on it this coming week. I just want to get back to having fun and feeling good.



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