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I've been hearing stories,

And they're all about you.

Lately I've been wondering...

Could they all be true?

I can't believe you'd take my love

And use it up this way.

I can't believe you'd break my heart

Just to get some play.

All the years that I've been true,

Was it a waste of time?

When you held me in your arms,

Who else was on your mind?

Every time I bring it up,

The stories you deny;

But if I did what you did,

Maybe even I would lie.

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I really like this...


The last two lines are particularly interesting, they give a moral complexity to a poem which otherwise would just've been a cry of grief. One reading is that you can sympathise with the cheater's decision to lie and that perhaps the same capacity for lying can be found in all of us, including yourself. The other way of looking at it is that what the cheater has done is so terrible and unforgivable that even the purest of people would choose to lie rather than face up to it.


Stay strong!

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