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A question for the ladies:

Taking The Lead

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I don't mind.

Chubby is fine with me.

But I would prefer a smaller gut.

basically as long as you have the pesonality... and you treat th girl well I don't mind it.

Weight can always/usually be lost.


To me a cute face is more important. I don't care much if he is chubby or thin. I prefer the non obese look.

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I usually like stocky/muscley. Having said that, I knew this unbelievably sexy guy who was tall and rake thin - he was gorgeous, and moved so well, just really slinky and slightly menacing (not him, lol, just the way he moved). So pretty much anything can be mind blowingly sexy and attractive, so long as you don't feel apologetic for who you are.

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I'm a very small build and I think this puts people off. Being skinny for a guy is the equivalent of being fat for a girl.


I say being skinny for a guy is the same as being super skinny for a girl.


Personally I like guys who weigh more than me! I can't see me dating a guy who is skinnier than me because I like to feel the security of feeling smaller than someone in a nice cuddle!


Not saying that this is always the case but gerenerally cuddly, muscular or average. In saying that I can't see myself with someone who is very large but that's more to do with health than looks!

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I dont like chubbyness or thiness I find them both unattractive equally. I like a guy to have an average build with some nice muscle to show. So Slender but not a rake, someone who is solid to hold onto with firm muscles but not hench.


Totally agree with this.

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