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Daddy Bear

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bed at three and I'm up at four

'cause I can't have these dreams no more

I'm sure I'll nod off in the hours to follow


I take a spoon of bacon grease

to lube the coming round of heaves

look away, walk away

and I will swallow



lasted almost a day

without my


but the house burned down and I

found in the fire an excuse to keep on

poisoning the well of every

dutiful intention



I dove to save my drowning friends

and came up only with the bends

seven gone; how many bodies follow?


you looked to be of a different kind

but broken was my state of mind

go away, blow away

for we are hollow



lonely I face the night

beside my

waning self and the PC's hum as I

watch in amazement hands that keep on

pushing buttons wrong on every

magical invention.

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