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My Touch


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My Touch


Long have you haunted my dreams,

And long have I desired your touch.

I have seen you there every night

And yet in the sun I see you not.


Where is it you go when I awake,

How is it that you are so real to me,

yet nothing more than a dream?

Do my eyes deceive me?


I have found pleasure in my touch,

Ecstasy that belongs only to you.

Do you feel the pleasure I give,

Do you long for me as well?


How long shall this continue?

I cannot bear the world alone.

Come to me and end this now

Transform my longing to rapture.


Can this dream exist in daylight?

Can my love ever be realized?

I fear the answer may be no,

I fear I may live with longing.


Always together, yet always alone

You speak so softly to me,

Your unspoken words my undoing

Your touch my salvation.


My fingers ache for they are not yours

The release I find is my own doing

Can you not fill me with your love

Can you not end my burning desire?


You once offered me my dreams,

Dreams that burn my body with lust

Is it too late to accept this offer

and take back those cursed words?


My love, my heart’s desire,

I accept the love I had once spurned

Allow me in your heart once more,

and I will give you my touch.

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