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dark circles

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You need 8 hours of sleep per night, every night

And be sure you don't lack iron

And sometimes it's genetic and you can't help it.


Well, it wasn't there before this year, so I doubt it's genetic, cause I'm pretty sure it's gone away before when I've had a good night's sleep but I usually notice they're gone only after I've been having like a month sleeping 8-9 hours a night. I don't think it's iron either, so yeah... It's gotta be that I need more sleep. I was just wondering if it would go away fast, cause I don't have as much control over my sleep sometimes seeing as I am forced to work late at nights on school, sometimes.

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Oh I drink a LOT of water, especially when I run in the morning, cause if I don't I feel tired all day and I get cramps on my legs. I'm talking about like 2 glasses every hour, especially towards the earlier part of the day. I'm telling your it's the sleep... I just wish I had more control over that.


Worth a try, because it can be a sign of just not looking after yourself.


Only this week. I'm a health freak all of the time, otherwise, except maybe for my sleeping pattern.

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So which is it? Are they gone after a "good night's sleep" or are they gone after "a month of sleeping 8-9 hours a night"?


The best predictor of future performance is past performance. You need to set the proper baselines.


Yeah, I guess it'll take a while. Well, guess I'll just keep them throughout all of my youth. They might go away over the summer if I don't take summer classes, though. Cause then, even if I stay up late, I'll be able to sleep in.

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Circles under your eyes are mainly genetic, I believe. I have very dark circles and just wear concealer daily - suits me fine. I also use SPF lotion on my face, which helps to some degree, in keeping them from getting worse. At one time I tried some of those high-end creams made specifically for dark circles, but they did absolutely nothing.

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