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Is she pregnant?


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I have a cousin i care lots about..I think she got herself in a situation...She had unprotected sex..but she thinks shes okay cos she did it 4 days after her period.....I told her ot take a preg test...but i know you have to wait about 2 weeks after having sex before taking it...

Do any sex experts out here know or give your 2 cents about this if you think she is pregnant or not....like i'm pariod..i'm on the pill and i use protection..maybe i'm worryign too much about her?


if anyone can give some advice

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Correction, Response Re-Edited!

Actually, she has a time frame from about 3-5 days after she's done with her period that she ovulates again. In other words, it's pretty safe even if her partner does ejaculate inside her during that time, because her ovaries have not had time to release an egg in the ovum!


I'm not saying that she should have unprotected sex and use that as an excause, but typically, that's the cycle of the average menstrual cycle.


I wouldn't worry about her being pregnant for the time being unless if she's showing obvious signs, #1, vommiting, and #2 morning sickness.


Vommitting is the most obvious inidicator. However, women's bodies differ, so their cycles and harmones will fluctuate.


I'm no expert, but, this is just based on what I've learned about pregancy.


P.S.-Pregnancy tests are more accurate when you wait 1 month.

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well, if memory serves corrently... the most fertile days of a woman's cycle are on average day 11-17 or so on a normal 28 day cycle... but day 1 is the first day of your menses, so if she had a normal 7 day period - she needs to check. Sperm can live in a woman's body for about five to seven days, hence the variation in days (double checked on that too, since I wasn't sure I was remembering right).


"As the average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days (starting with the first day of one period and ending with the first day of the next menstrual period), most women ovulate on day 14. At this time, some women experience minor discomfort in their lower abdomen, spotting, or bleeding, while others do not experience any symptoms at all.


A woman is generally most fertile (able to become pregnant) a few days before, during, and after ovulation." - from a gyn website.

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well, i think from the START of her last period it's fourteen days later that she is most fertile... although some girls/women ovulate sooner or later than that 14 day window. I also believe that sperm can live up to 48 hours and women only ovulate and are able to conceive only 24 hours in a month- i know it's amazing! (me and my husband are trying have a baby and we count days and all that jazz- so i have talked to my doctor and researched all this).....


It takes about two weeks for a urine test to be accurate enough to give a yes or no answer.


your cousin really needs to be careful when having sex unless she wants to have a kid- which is really hard work! sometimes it happens and circumstances and fate bite you in the ass sometimes, but everytime should be protected and be done safely.....


if shedoes get lucky, and is not pregnant, have her remember how scared she was this time and if she want to feel this way again....


good luck to you and your cousin.... also if you want some more info. go online and do some research....



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