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Valentines Day gift ideas for my gf in the Air Force?


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There really isn't a whole lot I can send her that won't get her in trouble. I can't send packages or anything, so I don't really have any big ideas. Right now I'm thinking of just making a special card for her. On the front cover it'll be me holding a sign in the shape of a heart that says "I love you" with a big Happy Valentines Day on the top. Then on the inside I'll write a note to her about what's going on and how much I miss and love her. On the back cover, it'll be a picture of the two of us kissing with "Just a couple more weeks until we see each other again and we can do this!! I love you!!"


Then on the inside I planned on spraying my cologne that she got for me that she really likes...and the back cover I planned on spraying her perfume that she left for me. Not sure if that would really work, but I was going to try it anyways.


So how does my idea sound? Anyone else have other ideas they could send my way?


I should mention she is in basic training, so the rules are VERY strict right now.

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