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He's gone.........


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My best friend of 4 yrs decided that he didnt want a best friend anymore and that he didnt want to stay friends with me anymore. We had problems that i think all friends had we missed each other but faught a lot and got frustrated a lot with each other but in the end we were always there for each other. He said things weren't being fixed but always promised he would never leave - then one day we talked and he said he didnt want anything to do with me anymore and said that he couldnt do this he just didnt want us, or me, and that he never would want me back again and that i should just move on and be happy. I told him i wouldnt be happy without hima nd begged him to reconsider and to try to fix us i told him i would try my best to fix what i did wrong with him in the past but he would jsut get really frustrated with me and say nooo, we tried we cant fix it. He said he didnt want to try. He's moved on, he has a gf and he's a lot more open about her, before he was a bit secretive never wanting to write her name in facebook msgs or on his msn names and he didnt want me posting on his facebook wall becuase me and her do not get a long and he didnt want to hurt her feelings by seeing msgs from me. I saw his facebook and it was just some msg like happy b-day to the most special person and it was his gf's name. It hurt a lot to see that. im trying to understand that its his gf and not my business. In the end i feel like she did so many things, worse then me and he stayed with her. He told me i did nothing wrong, and that him leaving was more about himself and not me and that i should understand. He said how sorry he was for hurting me this way. i dont know what to do with myself. Im so use to talking to him every day, loving him missing him hanging out with him. we;ve been best friends for the past 4 yrs and now im a stranger to him. He told me he couldnt be there for me in big ways anymore - i didnt realise what he meant until one night i got attacked by some guy walking home and he cut me with a knife on my shoulder - i was so shaken that i called my best friend and begged him to come here cause i was scared and he had the car and was 45 min away from me. i cried and begged and he said he couldnt come, and i cried some more asking y and he said because he didnt want to come, and that he couldnt be there for me in big ways like this then said he had to go and hung up. It hurt to no end. My heart broke and is still broken. I cry every day cause im in shock and i miss him and he's living his life without me and he's fine. I just dont see how someone can walk away from their best friend of 4 yrs like this, so easily. I need some help please, at this point i feel so alone in the world that i dont want to be in it anymore.

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If he is going to act this way, then he's not really a friend. My best friend and I have a deal... NOTHING will come between us being there for eachother. We have had our share of fights, but when you feel like someone is more a brother/sister than a friend, fights tend to happen. Maybe he's doing this b/c of the gf. And if so, still, he's not a true friend. I have chosen my best friends over a guy before and she's done the same for me. It's just what TRUE friends do! Relationships can come and go, but your friend will always be there. If you're the one trying to make this friendship work, then that shows who the better person was, and you shoulg view it as his loss... b/c it is. He's the one losing a good friend, not you. And if he can't be there for you when you need him, then he's not worth it. I am ALWAYS there for my BFF and she is ALWAYS there for me.... I've drove 5 hours just to be there for her before... THATS what a friend does... They dont just hang up b/c they don't feel like it... Sounds like he's selfish to me and not worth the effort...

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i can tell you as a guy, i (and most other guys) dont walk away from people for no reason. there are a few possibilities as to why he has done this


1. the new girlfriend said something

2. you have given him more s*it then he can deal with

3. you did something to break the final proverbial straw

4. he might have feelings as more then a friend and knows you dont feel the same...


are any of those scenarios applicable to what happened?

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