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some of you may know that my ex broke up with me about 5 months ago or so. we had been going out for almost 2 years. well, i kind of didn't leave her alone until a few months ago. she's had a few b/f's since then and i've had no g/f's. well, i left her alone finally, trying to move on and all that stuff. just a few days ago, she stopped me in the hallway at school and she asked if i still had her yarn, cd's and some other stuff. i told her i didn't know if it was still here but that i would look. she said thanks then i continued on to class. when i got home, i looked for her things but i could only find this thing for yarn. i couldn't find her cd's so i told her i would burn them for her. i made the cd's and got her other stuff together then took it over to her house. i gave it to her, she said thanks, i said you're welcome, then i was on my marry way back accross the street. once i got home, i added her to my buddy list to see if she still had me blocked from a while back, she didn't and as soon as i added her to my buddy list, she said thanks again. just a night or two ago, we talked online for about a half hour about school, hockey, etc. i was going to burn another cd for her but i'm out of disks so i said if she could get one from her dad, i would make one for her but i guess she's been forgetting to bring one to school.


i'm just kind of confused as to why she's now talking to me and stuff. if i remember anything else, i'll post it.

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Both of you have probably cooled down after the break up. I assumed your meaning of "left her alone" is not trying to ask her to patch up and stuff? Girls kinda hate that I think, guys "stalking" them non-stop asking them to give them another chance and stuff. thereforeeee, when you stopped that, she probably realises that she could start talking to you again without being bombarded with "I really really need you", "can't live without you", "pls give me a chance" msges. Hmm, I hope this helps. Of course this is what I think. Maybe you should try asking her? keke, just kidding. =)

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i haven't talked to her in a few days because last time we talked, i told her about some stuff that happened to me in school and she was like "why are you telling me this? it's not like it is of any value to me." i wanted to try and be friends but i don't know how to go about being friends with her or if i should do something else.

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