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Our relationship ended offically yesterday, as For two weeks he knew about the doctors appointment for the baby (the one I'm pregnant with, his and mine) I reminded him over 20 times and he kept saying he would leave work early and be there. Well, surprise, surprise. He didn't show up. To me that really showed he didn't give a * * * * on top of everything is going on that he has done. When I was in the hospital, my mom drove down in the snow storm and took a ferry to get here to take care of my children since he was in Kentucky. He came back early, and treated her and I like a maid and how dare food wasn't on the table when he got home, he yelled at my mom and I can't get over how he acted. That was two weeks ago. Plus his obsession with his EX WIFE, who they had an awful relationship, she cheated and left him for a girl, she does nothing but control him and put him down, but he thinks they are 'FAMILY' and that it is ok that she gets in the middle of our relationship. Oh yea, let's not forget how he can't get custody of his daughter who is in Foster care in Oregon, because, it turns out, over the last 2 years, he has missed many of the court cases, I just found this out, and his son, well, he lives with his Ex wife, who is not his mom, but they treat him like a slave and poorly and he was molested last week, and his dad thinks its fine to keep him there, because he doesn't want the responsiblitly. Nice one there. My children and I went to have dinner with their Aunt and we talked, as I needed an adult to talk to that would give good advice but not tell me what to do. We got home at 830 and he tried to start a fight, even though I told him I couldn't handle it right now as it will end up in a big fight that I can not handle now, (As I have been sick this week again) So he yelled and when I wouldn't give into the fight, he went downstairs to ask my kids where we were and what their aunt and I talked about. Come on now, to a 11 year old and 9 year old. How stupid is that. Then when I finally fall asleep at 1115, I jumped and woke up at midnight, well, turns out he was looking for my cell phone an purse to go through it, nice huh. Crazy person. I knew something was going on the next day as well. I took my little one to mcdonalds for lunch to play and got home to a mess..He HAd the nerve to bring those people to my home and go through MY STUFF and he took MY couches, as everything in the house was mine but his bed and drawers and his tools. HE even took my power surges, come on now, even the one from my computer, and other little things like that. He also has the nerve to bring over junk, old, moldy baby stuff and leave it in the yard, why would I want nasty moldy stuff for my baby...nice one there...they left a total mess in the house, including in my childrens room, why? of course, he left all of his childrens stuff, EVERYTHING HE HAD FOR HIS DAUGHTER, CLOTHES, DOLLS, BLANKETS, HE LEFT...Yup, he really loves his children. So I have taken pictures of everything that he messed up and had my kids babysitter/friend come over for support and witness and her husband came and changed the locks. I feel relieved he is gone, but shocked at what a coward he was to do it behind my back and take MY things, how petty. Of course, he left a ton of bills, as he has only paid $300 towards the $1700 we have had in house bills, electricity, gas, garbabge, water, etc. since we have been here, nice huh...


I will survive, as I think I already found someone to rent the upstairs room, hopefully, and I know where to go get help with the gas and electricity, and next week I will start with finding a lawyer and start proceedings for child support and sueing him for damage and taking my things and not paying his parts of the bills. I'm even finding more things of his and packing it up and will put it outside and tell him he has till Tuesday morning to pick it up before the trash comes and gets it. I am taking pictures of everything and doing everything without revenge so he's the only one that looks like a complete jerk.


Funny thing is, I've been friends and very close to my kids' fathers side of the family for the last 11 years, (their dad is a dead beat). He isn't close to anyone. He loves drama and problems and not taking responsiblity of his children.


Boy, I really know how to pick them.

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