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does he like me or no1 else will date him?

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hey every1 i started datin this guy last year for 4months and 28days.Then he dumped me the we went back out the next day then i dumped him 1 week later cuz i thought i could go on wit out him and my friends told me to and then about 1 week later i relazied i couldn't go on wit out him.But he was a really big jerk and we kept gettin into fights and my grandfather died so my life was in a big mess this last summer.Anyway when i went back to school i seen him again and all my feelings came back and then i started datin his friend then i dated another guy then his friend again then i dumped his friend then i started datin the guy from the summer again \ \ \ and now i don't no if he likes me like when i was datin him b4 he would say he loved me every day when we would leave the internet or get off the phone and now he never calls me and he never tells my that he loves me.So i wanna know does he like me or is he just wit me because no1 else will date him? p.s love you in my grade level means i really really really like u.

p.p.s sorry so long

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I'm guessing you're fairly young.....as such, don't expect a whole lot by way of commitment from this boy. You yourself dated 2 or 3 other people in a very short timespan, and it could just be that he doesn't feel you'll stick with him while you're so busy dating all these other boys! Relax. How about being with NO ONE for a little while, and just be friends with this one boy for a bit? See how it goes, don't go rushing to get back into a relationship. You haven't given yourself a spare second to really think about how you feel about him, and I think he might feel he's gotten the brushoff since you're dating other people.


Go EASY. There's no big rush to date someone, especially when so young. Be friends, see how things go, go slowly. You have all the time in the world to date, and it doesn't sound like it's a problem for you!



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hey unonename, thankyou for writing to enotalone.


firstly, sorry about your grandfather. now about this guy you like. my opinion of the situation is that he might not hold the same feelings for you as he once did. you did dump him after 1 week, and by making such a decision partially based on your friends suggestions probably gave him the impression you wernt serious about him.


another thing that confuses me is that even though you developed feelings for him again, you kept dating his friends, then breaking it off, then getting back and so on. if you like him then confront him. you wont get to his heart by going through others. if anything, it will give him the impression that your just fooling around alot, not actually looking for any serious relationship.


my advice would be to stop messing around with all these other guys if your interested in him. just confront him and say you've developed feelings for him again. if he still loves you then theres nothing to fear. also, if you do get back together, try not to break it off so early, and go on your OWN instincts, not on what friends say. (they may suggest, but dont act purely on their words)..


good luck, i hope you get what you desire



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