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Does it ever get better?


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It never will be the same. My grandpa passed away a few years ago and I'm telling you life was the best for me back when he was alive. But now he's not here and not having him around has had an impact on me.


I practically grew up with him, we were very close. My whole life practically revolved around him. Now he's not around, I make bad decisions ones that he probaby wouldn't approve of and thats all because he's not here to guide me in life any more.

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I lost my dad when I was 17.

I'm 32 now and I still miss him.


It has gotten easier as life takes over and I have no choice but to focus on other things. At this point I probably think about my dad once or twice a day. I don't usually cry at those times, but there are moments when his absense will hit me really hard and I break down crying and can't control it. These only happen a few times a year.


I hope things will get better for you and your mother soon.

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I remember when my grandpa died when I was very little, I cried for ages about it. And one day yelled out to my parents "grandpa is dead and is never comeing back!" after it got brought up. And I ran to my room and slamed the door. My mum came in to talk to me. I got better once I realised he has probbly gone to a place better than this world. Then when my grandma died, I realised she not only is with my grandpa now, but is also is in that better place. So I still cried and felt sad when she died. But not for long Because I knew how to deal with it. But yes I still miss them both. It dose get better tho. Thats what I am trying to say.

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It does as time goes by but it isn't easy. My dad passed away about 7 years ago at the age of only 59. I still miss him. I am far from home at the moment but when his birthday rolls around, I'd get a lei, go to a local national cemetery in search of someone with the same birthday and I pay tribute to him in honor of my dad.

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It will.


However, since my own circumstances , I now do not think it happens on its own.


Time isn't the magic elixir.


If things are as hard as they were as when it first happened, there might be something else going on that needs some attention.


It could be something simple. Or complicated. Sometimes grief and life gets interrupted, and has trouble getting started again.


Dads are very special. So much so for a daughter. And even more when they must leave before we get a chance to grow into a woman.


I lost my dad when I was 14, and sometimes I still struggle with it. But it has gotten easier. It's only that the love there is so huge, and there are so many things I wish he could be here physically for.


With growing up, I realize more and more that he is here with me truly when I need him, and has been, only in a different way.


If you ever want to talk about it more, I'm here.

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I lost me father when i was 11, so coming on to 7 years in May. It didnt really hit me then it did when i was 15 tho, i got really depressed.


But now i think of him i laugh and smile i remember the good times. Just today i watch a video of my family when we went camping, the whole way thru it i just laughed, it was good seeing him even tho it was just a recorded video from years ago, he looked and sounded just liked i remembered.


Well i know hes in a good place proberly somewhere with father having a good time. I miss him like crazy, i think about him every day and the things he did and say. I smile when i think of him i know im lucky that he is my father. Once in a while i will break down crying but that rarely happens now.

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