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just wondering how often others feel lonely?


i guess i find myself coming to ENa when i feel like no one else has time to listen to me. not that i couldn't call up a friend of mine to talk but.. i don't know. i think i just overwhelm myself thinking about things and worrying about things a lot.


i'm also stressin' out about being busy back at school.


sigh. i guess i'm just having a "lonely" day, not that it's rational, being surrounded by people and whatnot. i just have to hole up away from it all sometimes. thanks for listenin, whoever.

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haha i got almost 100 post in a month so i think your fine trolling the boards.. for me i just enjoy trying to help others with their problems dont think its so much a lonely issue..although did break up with my ex this last wednesday and was sure glad i had ENA to do some venting and what not....but ya i think everyone does get lonely time to time..i think you should do what ever gets you through those times and on to better ones...as long as your not feeling lonely 24/7 then just embrace it and work through it.

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Well, everyone has a different conception of what "lonely" means. I think for me it just means a kind of quiet discontent....an uneasy feeling of being unsettled. Sort of like that feeling when you are running around the house looking for something and then you realize that you've actually forgotten what you are looking for...


Hmmmm, that sounds insane.

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I am always lonely 7 days a week. I use to have friends back then but time has change and they all moved away, now I have no friends at all. It is hard to have nobody because going out by yourself is sometimes hard for me to do. So usually I do not go out a lot anymore, I just stay in study and sleep.

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a few days later, but thanks all of you for your replies.


i agree with whoever said it's best to embrace loneliness as it happens. if you know it's just transient, and that you aren't ACTUALLY alone, (none of us are!), then, well, you can just take it like any other pain or sadness or discomfort and use it to become stronger.


and yes its possible to be lonely in a HUGE crowd!! for me it's more probable i'd feel lonely there than in a room by myself.

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