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where the hell is a manual for a girlfriend?


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This has to do with a post I previously posted...


well, the thing is, is that my girlfriend and I have been friends for about 2 months before all of this. We'd hang out alone together. So, I know her pretty well. She came up to me and kissed me on the lips today when I dropped her off from school. I think Im more worried then Ive ever been. Before, I was wondering if she liked me and I guess she does now, but now that we're "going out." I feel like I will really blow it. I feel bad about it, but I lied to her and said I've had girlfriends before because she said she had boyfriends before. I just didnt want to come off as a loser. She thinks I've been through all of this before. Im very shy and I keep wondering, how often should I kiss her and everything like that. I pay alot of attention to her though. Just today, I was supposed to meet some friends somewhere, but I told them they can wait while she was there because I was going to walk her to her class. She said she wasnt feeling well today and I made all different kinds of suggestions on how to feel better, She knows I went out of my way to pick her up from school. Her birthday is this weekend and I took the day off from work on her birthday and she knows that. She wanted to store some things in my locker and I let her. I took it from her and put it in there. Those are the things I did and I wanted to know if Im doing the right things or if I should lay off, or I should do some more? Please help.

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You're doing great bro, but there is one thing you need do do NOW!!!! Tell her the truth. As long as he knows you were fealling vulnarable at the time she should take it well. Just tell here that you need to tell her something. That you were woried oabout looking like some kind of looser at the beging so you said that you have had a girlfriend before when you really haven't. Most women like it when a guy shows a little weekness when it comes to them. Just don't let her see you show any weekness to anyone else. They don't see that as cute.

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your doin the right thing by helping her and trying to make her comfortable. Don't lie to her be honest, and dont think if you tell her she will think your a loser. Just cause you aint had a girlfriend doesn't mean your a loser. i'm 23 still a virgin, i'm a man that has loads of friends and they know that i'm still a virgin and they respect me for it. If she really likes you then she would understand. Just keep doin what you've been doin and you should be ok. Take it as it comes.

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Hey your doing great but nifty_swifty is right need to fess up quickly. It is more likely that she will feel special rather than thinkingof you as a loser but you need to get it out in the open asap.


Its a difficult balance in trying to give to much and not being used but each of us needs to make that call. It doesnt sound like you are doing to much but it need to giving both ways.


Have Fun



p.s. No manual for GF, no warranty, if they break down you generally have to help fix them but hell they can be great fun to play with.

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