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Karma, Coincidence, Fate or Divine Intervention?


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I thought it would be interesting to see how these things relate with our lives, especially regarding getting back exes or getting over them.


Bottom line: Ex broke up with me a bit more than 2 months ago, he's a gf after 2 weeks and still play the mind f*** game with me. I had enough 2 weeks back and changed my number. Am on...day 13 of NC so far?


Thing is I'm going strong with NC...until some not so close mutual friend of me and my ex (whom I've told that we've broken up) asked me to take a look at the picture on his MSN. Another friend anonymously added my ex to find out and it turned out it was a picture of him and the gf. Fantastic. 3 years and he's never had a picture of me on any of his profiles. He's with this girl less than 2 months and she's already on his MSN?


So I had a bad day yesterday. Just when I thought I was doing well with NC and all, this had to crop up. Which made me wonder things like "Why does good keep sending all these challenges my way? I've hurt enough already ! Test of character?" Had a bit of a minor breakdown. But picked myself up.


And then today it starts again. Went for lecture this morning. Slip of the tongue, my English language lecturer pronounced "w" as "v"...the same way my ex pronounced it (he can pronounce "w" just that sometimes it sounds like "v"). Odd coming from an English language professor who rarely makes phonetic errors, and of all errors, made the same one my ex used to make! As the lecture continues, the proffessor quoted a research done by "Lee". Just fantastic. That's my ex's surname. So that's 2 incidences..and I thought it'll stop at that. But then when I took the bus home. There is this guy using the same bag my ex gave me 3 years ago while we were still in high school !


Bad things come in threes! Does anyone here feel the same? What is all this got to do with? I've cut off all contact. And yet somehow he never seems to go away! Fate? God's will? Karma-a payback from my past life somehow? Or just plain coincidence? What are your thoughts on these issues?

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Just coincidence and your heightened sensitivity to little things about your ex. If you were over your ex, you wouldn't have noticed these things. I think it is natural for little things to remind you of your ex. You are still hurting and seeing the picture of your ex with his new girlfriend was hurtful to you. Just remember that even though that picture is up, it doesn't mean anything. If he is calling you and playing games with you, that means his relationship is not very happy and fulfilling, or else why would he bother. So the picture of him and his girlfriend is just a big show...either to get a rise out of you or to put on a big show to his friends. Everyone can put on a show...it is what goes on behind closed doors that really matters...and I doubt if things are so hunky dory behind closed doors.

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I'm not a very religious person, but I feel it somehow is a test of strength of character. I do feel that somehow my life was so entwined with his that I've lost my sense of self and this could be some sort of indication that I need to rediscover myself as a person without him.

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Definitely just plain coincidence. This happened to me all the time with my first ex...I'd see his (very common LOL) name everywhere and be reminded of him. Once I got over him, I stopped noticing those things. The fact that he has a picture up of his girlfriend doesn't mean much. Don't compare her to you...it doesn't diminish what you two had and it definitely doesn't mean he feels more her than he felt for you...it may just mean he's trying to do his best to move on.

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CAD, I didn't see his picture. I was just...informed of it.


Yes, friends say I'm thinking too much and am overly-sensitive, but knowing him (what he's been doing to me after breaking up), I can conclude he's found out that I've changed my number and has resorted to using MSN to continue torturing me.


Sweet life

Anyone else has any thoughts regarding fate/coincidence thing?

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