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need to get my head together....


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iv posted on this site countless time over the last few months and if it wasint for some of the good people here i relay doint know what i would do. so thank you.... i relay mean that.


anyone who has read any of my other posting will already have a good idea what is going on but for those that doint ill give a short version of the whole story.


few weeks b4 christmas she broke up with me

when she realized i was just getting on with my life she stated contacting me and trying (in a indirect way) to get me back.

we are back now around 1 month.

she is a very emotionally immature person and is a commitment phobic.


since we have gotten back i have been very down, have a lot on my mind at the minute with other things not just her.


im at the point now were i need time to get some things strait in my head and feel i need time to get myself together before we can get on with are relationship and start rebuilding but i doint want to dump her to do this, at the minute im just trying to contact her as little as possible and just spend as much time as possible thinking. when i do see her she keeps asking me what is wrong with me but i doint want to tell her because i feel that this is something i have to do in my own head, i have never had any problem opening up and talking about my feelings but still i feel that i just need to step back and look at this situation on my own,


she can relay confuses me sometimes with her attitude and running hot and cold but thats just her and i need to accept it or get out, there’s no real question here i just find it helpful to write down what im thinking and post it here just to see what other people think of it. so any ideas or comments would be great. thanx....

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If you are acting differently towards her and she senses it, then I think you need to come clean about your uncertainty or stop backing off from her so that she notices a change. That is somewhat passive aggressive behaviour even if it is done unconsciously. If you are upset with her actions, then communicate that with her...don't just give her the cold shoulder. She may not be treating you right...but two wrongs don't make a right.

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thanx for the comments.


its just that its been a hard few months, things have been relay emotional and darning, i have spoke to her about basically everything, think i just need time now to process everything that has happened and get things clear in my head, find a bit of inner peace and get some strength back....

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