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And Im off!


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And Im smiling. Im happy. I turned a lose-lose situation into a win.


So, my past threads have showed my history of unhappiness with my girlfriend.


I finally talked to her about it. I told her we can try to work it out, break up, or take a break.


She always said that any good boyfriend she had was a friend first. She took the one I hoped. I dont want to lose her completely, but Im tired of this. She completely understood.


So in about 6 months, we agreed, I'd ask her out again. For now, whenever we hang out, we're just going to be friends. Never did I think that the friend zone would feel so good

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haha good luck, i tried that......good luck in making it to 6 months...im going to vegas to put a 100 down that in 2-4 weeks someone will go in for a kiss and someone else will reciprocate. i mean i hope all the best to you really. coming from experience thats tough to say lets be friends and try again later...the first one of you to think about going out with another person will make it insanely tough.

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Well.. I tried something like this with an ex bf.

We never got back together. We ended up being good friends though since we both agreed to break up/take a break.

Eventually we both started dating someone new REALLY soon.

(Mutual) Break ups happen for a reason. ANd I'm sure your happy to be broken up b/c at the moment you feel there is someone who could be a better match for you.

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I just know she's wrong for me. Not that there's someone better.


There's a sad part, but there's still a lot of happiness. And my goddamn pillow smells like her shampoo, which means Im going to be sleeping without a pillow tonight.


So, it's been a while. Where should I start meeting girls again? Keep in mind, I am 17, so nightclubs are basically out. Im going to a friend's party on saturday, so maybe that's a start.

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Wooww. I had no idea your so young. Since you said you work, steady job etc. Or maybe I'm confusing you with someone else.

You can start meeting girls wherever. I wouldn't try and be in a rush. You will just get frustrated if you don't meet any.

How about just out on the street while doing errands, hanging with friends, a parties, the possibilities are endless really. Just anywhere. Keep your eyes peeled for oppertunities I guess.

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Mm, the happiness is wearing off.


And yes, I do have a job, though it's not steady. I work in eCommerce so depending on my ambiguity at the time, I can make $5,000 over a weekend like I did this weekend, or nothing at all. I've always had the maturity trait on the internet since I know what to show to get the client to buy my products. That, and Im going into psychiatry. The combination makes me respond well to this forum.


Being involved in school activities is out. Im friends with basically all within my grade, but somewhere along the line I established, somehow, that I'm not available to them.


Besides, I really dont want to date in school. Ive got 7 months until university, and ofcourse, as it will be 100x bigger than a high school, I'll find someone.


But now, I dont know what to do. The happiness is starting to wear off. Im starting to feel a little like I lost a best friend. I dont know why she said that it's not completely over if she agreed to the break-up. Stupid to try and lead me on since anything can happen in 6 months, and Im the type of person who just forgets the ex, whether we left it on a good note or bad.


And one last problem. I dont mean to sound cocky, but Im intelligent for my age. I show signs of that everywhere, and half the people that know me for my eCommerce work swear that they'll end up working for me within the next ten years. Yes, that is an ego booster, to answer your next question


But that's the problem. Who can I find in my age group that's intellectually equal. I get bored so quickly when they're not. I dont want someone to sleep with, but someone I can talk to. And at 17, that's a hell of an age to try and date older girls, since anything right above me right about now is in university, and I wouldnt know where to meet them.

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Well maybe you don't need to get someone new just yet? Maybe you can just focus on other stuff for the time being? I see nothing wrong with being single a bit.

And yes I do agree, you are a really ambitious kid/sound smart to me too.

I think she agreed to take the break b/c she feels same as you? Unsure if you are right for her yet (like all people who break up/take a break) wondering if she is making the wrong decision. You both are sorta keeping each other as a second choice in case things don't work out within the next months with someone new.

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I decided when we broke up to work on my bodybuilding, business and schoolwork. I still want to date socially, just to get her out of my head. Just because we broke it off, it doesn't mean that I dont still love her. I'm not one of those obsessive people, so love isn't really something big for me, but still, I need to dull her a bit.


I saw her in the hallway today, and we smiled at each other as we walked by, but she kinda seemed sad. I dont want to hurt her, whatever the decision we decided on.

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