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Really need your advice!!

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Ok so you may have seen me post in the N.C. threat recently. I talked to a mutual friend of my ex (who he saw yesterday), and he said that if there was ever a time to try to get her back, it was now. I was scared to break NC but i just went ahead and called her. To my surprise she picked up, I apologized for everything - mostly being too critical of her, especially b/c I criticized where she plans to attend college, which was selfish of ME (b/c its far from where i'll be attending law school). Anyway, she accepted my apology but said that she just can't go back out right now. We talked on for another hour and she has agreed to speak w/ me often and she made several hints that in the next month'ish i might get another chance (she didn't specify how long, its just what i assumed based on things).


So, what do I do now? She agreed to talk to me tomorrow and it seems like she may seriously be considering giving the relationship another shot. Although she wants some time on her own to make sure. She clarified that she wasn't planning on dating anyone so I had nothing to worry about.


What are my next moves and what should I avoid doing? I fell into the trap of essentially begging on the phone today, but I think overall I made a TON of improvement on the entire situation today.



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Wait, it was selfish for her to chose a school far away?


No, it was selfish for ME to criticize her for that. She says she still loves me, so I'm not without value, BUT I'm definitely the desperate one in this situation which isn't all that good. Should I just wait it out until she says to me that she's ready or should I use the fact that she wants to be friends until then to take her out for a good time or whatever and perhaps speed up the process?

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IMO, you should let her go. You are moving far away soon. Do you really want to put all this time and effort into mending this relationship, only to go into a LDR?


Well, normally I would agree but we were LDR in the summer and it worked fine only seeing her every 3 weeks. It was difficult, but it all seems worth it for her.


Also, I haven't decided which law school I'm accepting and it may turn out I can attend a good school within approx. 2 hours of where she'll be - havent heard back from the school yet tho.

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