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Saturday is the day


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I am so scared about Saturday. I didn't think I would be, but now that it is less than 48 hours away I'm kind of freaking out...... I go in at 6 am to be induced. Can anyone tell me what to expect, or possilbe scenarios, or just what happens in general...... I need to know at least a little bit of what is going to happen so I can kind of prepare myself and ease my nerves.

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You're going to be induced and wait until the contractions occur. It's been a long time for me but what I remember having been there iwth my daughter not so long ago was you rest and wait for contractions and when they become uncomfortable you are giving an epidural (if you have chosen this route, or another pain mgmt treatment if chosen, or obviously nothing if you have chosen natural childbirth). Good news is that they give that epdiural WAY SOONER than when I had my kids. I was shocked at how quickly my daughter got her epidural.


She had an extremely easy delivery. She was not in any real pain until near the end and probably not more than a half hour or so.


Everyone is different, hopefully you will have a relatively mild experience like she did.


Don't be afraid - even tho I know that is easier said than done! YOU will be fine!

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Im planning on not having the epidural which scares me half to death, but I have such a bad back I'm so scared that the epidural might make it worse. I'm only 19 so I know my body isnt as prepared for child birth as it would be if I were a bit older. My poor mom doesnt even want to come to the hospital now because she doesnt want to see me in so much pain, but shes sucking it up and coming..... its comments like those that scare me...

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Your body is definitely equipped to handle childbirth at the age of 19 so dont worry that you aren't "ready"....at least physically. Emotionally you may not feel ready and I can understand your nervousness but dont compound that by worrying that your body isnt ready to do what it is naturally made to do.


I think the worst part of being induced is waiting for the contractions to start but once you get into the process you will adapt pretty quickly. As far as the epidural goes....if you end up needing one then go for it! There are many people with back issues who have epidurals. Unless your Doctor told you its an absolute no-no then you should be fine. I only remember one woman I was in contact with who couldnt have an epi but that was because she had hydrocephalis as a baby (birth defect involving the brain/spine) and had a shunt but other then that I have seen women with scoliosis and other back issues that are candidates for epidurals (I work with midwives).


Basically, I'm sure you will be *just* fine and everything will go really well for you. Try to relax a bit if you can and realize that it will be over sooner then you think

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Well-congrats-first of all. I was induced because my water leaked but never actually burst-so here I was all happy go lucky because I had no pain--I didn't do the epidural either, just IV pain releivers. About 4 hours into it the pain ran down on me and it was really intense. They had to increase the meds in order to get my womb to start contracting and it feels like a major cramp that comes from the bottom of your bottom stops at your hips then comes to that belly. It's not like a broken arm pain more like an uncomfortable charlie horse-but it comes and goes so you just have to practice your breathing and push as the contractions come on. When the baby is ready to come out-well me-I felt as if I had to take the biggest BM in history and I got 7 stitches so when my bottom ripped it was a cold burning sensations.


One thing is for certain two things for sure---it's better out than in. You'll be fine just try not to panic and go in with the attitude of a solider. You can do it--


Good Luck Mom!!!!

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Thanks girly. that makes me feel A LOT better about not having an epidural through all this. (i have 2 tumors in my low back so not saying that the epidural would do anything, im just scared about the posibility. i really want to go back to competative ice skating and coaching... i miss it so much). which IV meds did you have? I was thinking Stadol and Nubain are the 2 options im looking at

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These are all awesome posts!! and congrats! haing children is the meaning of life. I have three, and my 2nd was induced and it was a WONDERFUL expierce beacuse i KNEW when and where things were going to happen. My docs and mid wives were awesome, THEY control the speed at which the contractions come, and they are with you every step of the way. as for no epidural, i can relate. my first two i did have it, but my last, she came out so fast that they didnt have the time. so i got to feel the pain. BUT HERES THE THING: it WILL hurt, but THE SECOND THE BABY COMES OUT THE PAIN GOES AWAY. no lie. you know when you take a big bowl movement? its kind of like that, when your done, you feel alot better. You will do just fine. when the contractions come, focus on something. I focused on a SCREW that held in a ceiling tile of all things, but it worked. When you push, be sure to push down low, not up high in your stomach area. they will have you sit kind of upward, they will hold your legs up. The toughest part I think you will have is usually the first child takes the longest. but you wont even think about all that when you see those eyes and that face looking at you. Its amazing!!!

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honey, i say that what drugs are for! don't feel bad if you want/need them. you're in a hospital, and they can handle whatever they need to, so relax and try to make it the best experience you can, and if you want/need drugs, then take them. they won't give them to you in a way that harms you or the baby, so don't worry about that.

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I wanted to share my story with you.

I was 20 when I had my son, I had already started having the first stage of contractions the day I went in to be induced. I have a extremely bad back and told them "no way was I going to get a epidural".


I have a high pain tolerance but after the water broke the pain was starting to get unbearable. I asked for the epidural but was told I could not have one due to my white blood count being to low.


The pain meds do work good enough to get you through a lot of the labor... or they did for me. I even slept a little bit. When my son bore down and it was nearing the time to push... that was the most painful time for me.


They kept telling me not to push and I yelled at them that he was coming! Sure enough I had dilated to 10cm.


I know it doesn't help much to say "don't be scared, don't worry" because of course you will! That is only natural! But as soon as you see your baby the pain goes away. And afterwards you have so much adraline rushing through you that you feel to excited to rest and sleep. lol


You will do fine Don't worry about asking for meds. They aren't going to think you are "weak" for asking for them. The pain is intense and the hospital staff knows that.

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When I did my Labor and Delivery rotation in nursing school I told my patients, " You do not get an award for having a baby without pain medication. In the end, everyone goes home with a baby. If you need some pain relief to help you deliver effectively, you deserve that, and don't be afraid to ask for it. Everyone is different and entitled to what they want or need for their labor and delivery experience."

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Oh yes, definitely by 19. Women pretty much stop growing at 16, so you are definitely more than equipped to deliver (unless you have an abnormally small body frame). Don't be afraid of that. I have never experienced childbirth so i can't tell you any tips but i wish you good luck for Saturday

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So I managed to hope online before the big day. I just ate a really big meal and I'm about to drink like a gallon of water since I cant drink or eat after 12. *sigh* the nerves havent hit me wuite yet, but I'm sure when I get up at 4:30 I'm going to be a nervous wreck.


Mousty, best of luck! I cant believe we're going to do it on the same day haha. Told you that would happen!!!


Flor, I'll def let you know how it goes. PM me any time you want. I'm sure I'll be busy with the new baby (I'm keeping her..... but I dont know how this is really going to work. I'm really scared about that part) but yeah whenever I get online and write up my birth story and check my mail I'll be sure to check ENA =) I can't wait to just get this over with!!!


Honest to God, I am more excited about sleeping on my stomach than anything haha.



Anyways! Everyone have a good night! I'll be back in a few days =) wish me luck

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