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misery :-(


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Im crying my guts out right now coz it feels good. Ive been looking to be employed since more than a year and have had no luck.


I just heard that my friend managed to get an interview at one of the best agencies (i dreamt of getting in there!) next week...apart from some others.

I on the other hand seem to be getting no calls from anyone. She just got back from vacation and bam.


And we're the same qualifications, looking for similar jobs.


Life is a killer sometimes. My heart just broke when she told me. I couldnt take it anymore. Been trying to feed myself with positivity and optimism...but i cudnt handle this....i mean what the hell really. Im happy for her but $%#$!!!!


This totally sucks!...

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I know this is a cliche, but i know exactly how you feel.


I know exactly what's going on.


I hate the people who you meet and havent seen in a long time and they ask "so, what are you doing these days?"


Im going back to school in september. I finally got a job, but it was really low paying.


Can you tell me what field/industry this is?


Have you thought about paying a company to do your resume for you? It would cost you maybe 200, but i think it's worth it.


Maybe also ask to volunteer in relevant places. I stress, only volunteer in something in your field. Don't volunteer for a charity hoping it will look good for your resume. That's just a very long shot, something that probably won't work.

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Hi there crazy300,


It could be your resume. You should do as somebody here has suggested and review your resume (google it), or pay somebody to do it for you. I am sure you could find somebody to do it for less than $200.00. You could probably even find somebody online to do it.


Seriously, i think it's your resume.


Another thing: make sure you write a really good cover letter. Google this also. There are plenty of resources on the net in order to do this.


Good luck and don't let it get you down.

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