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Hi Guys,

You may have read "Not Coping" which I posted yesterday. I tried taking all your advice that I should go into NC with him and even turned off my mobile last night so I couldn't be tempted to sit and watch for it go off.

But I caved and called him and his phone was off, so I began obsessing over where he could be.

Then I stayed up all night stressing about it and decided he must've been with another girl! This morning I got up and threw up, my stomach was in such knots.

And tonight I have to go to our shared house and take all my stuff, which I then have to store in my friend's parents' garage (how humiliating) as I am back with my own parents and they have no room.

I asked him to be out of the house and he said no problem, so he won't be there.

But I am ABSOLUTELY dreading having to go back there and clear out. My mum will prob come but that makes it even more emotional!

Anyone else had to do this?

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It's hard, but as long as you're resolute that you're going through with it you'll get through it. Try to keep busy while you're there, get someone to keep you company and keep chatty. The more you keep quiet and the more time you spend alone in 'your' (plural) old place, the more doubt will creep in.


Now don't think of the negatices so much think about positives.

A fresh start, less rent, the chance to spend more time with your parents, the opportunity to get a house of your own, the potential to live with friends or even make a fresh break and get a roommate somewhere. There's so many possibilities that you'll find yourself getting through it ok.


But, yeah, try and keep busy, get everything out as quickly as possible with help/;company and for Heaven's sake try not to foget anything because you don't want to leave him with an excuse to call you and break NC (oh hey i found your cd)...


Good luck

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Tuxthecutey gave you some great advice! Don't look as this as a humiliating experience. I made the mistake of feeling that way at first too, but quickly got over it. Your ex is the one that should feel ashamed and humiliated by his actions -- NOT YOU.


Bring a friend with you to the house and try to do it all in one trip. Heck, bring a whole gaggle of friends if it helps you do it quicker and makes the job easier.


Being back at home will bring you a lot of support and comfort in this really traumatic time. Your parents probably want to be there for you and help you heal, so let them take care of you for a bit.


I am sorry to hear that you threw up from being so upset. This used to happen to me quite a bit when I would get upset. If this continues to happen, you may want to check with your doctor to see if he can give you something to settle your nerves a bit. You need to stay strong and healthy so you can move on from this guy. Stick to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) and try to eat something even if you don't feel like it. Putting food in your tummy will help, I promise. Also, try drinking a nice cup of tea with honey to get your appetite going again.


Sorry you are dealing with this. Best of luck with the move today. Hang in there.

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I totally went through this hun. EVERYTHING in the apartment was basically mine. At the time, she could not wait to get me outta there so that she could start her new life.


Watching the moving truck drive away with all my possesions and most of OUR life in it, nearly killed me...BUT IT DIDN'T! See, I am still here and so will you be.


It will hurt, but I am trying so hard to see, even my current break-up, as this...I learned so much...I have to work on myself so much. What I did originally was mope and be sad and cry SO VERY MUCH...but, then I decided to get back out there.


Take care of yourself, know that a lot of us have been through similar deals, know you will get through this and think about how nice it will be to have someone who loves you AND will want you to call him and know that what is happening now is only temporary...it really is.


I miss my ex and I still love her, but how can I be with someone who will walk, over fixing things, after professing profusly that she "loved forever" and was the kind of person who worked through things??? She lied...she may not have meant to, but she did...


So, relax, take a breath, smile at the good memories when you think of them when packing and KNOW, REALLY KNOW that you don't EVER need to be with someone who doesn't love you and won't at least try...


Keep posting...

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